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6 useful tips to get rid of the bad smell of sweat!

 6 useful tips to get rid of the bad smell of sweat!

Many women suffer from the unpleasant smell of sweat, especially in the heat, whether due to obesity, anxiety or a hormonal disorder, which creates cases of discomfort and embarrassment for them. How do you get rid of this annoying smell?

Drinking water helps flush out toxins and hydrates the body from within.

Personal hygiene should be a priority, do not neglect it, you must shower every morning and evening, especially on hot days, taking care to moisturize the skin to avoid the problem of dehydration.

It is essential that you do not re-wear the clothes until after they are washed and the bacteria and fungi stuck to them are removed from

 the first use. Noting that synthetic fabrics and materials trap moisture and exacerbate the problem of sweating. So let your choice of suitable fabrics such as cotton, because it absorbs sweat and allows the skin to breathe, as well as reflecting the sun’s rays.

Stay away from meals rich in sharp spices because they increase the body's sweating and its unpleasant secretions.

Practice meditation and avoid stress and anxiety as much as possible.

Use some home recipes that target the embarrassing problem of sweating, such as mixing a little soda and corn powder with a little lemon juice and rubbing the area under the armpits with it, or lemon with a little tea tree oil that deeply scents the pores.


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