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6 reasons why you want to do water sports

6 reasons why you want to do water sports

Do you want to exercise to strengthen your muscles and burn fat, but with less effort? Do you want to enjoy every minute of your workout? So what you have to do is immediately head to the club and start doing water sports.

Recently, what is known as water sports has spread, a sport that suits everyone of different ages and varies between "aqua fitness exercises", "aqua strength exercises" and even water Zumba. If you are looking for disease prevention and fun at the same time, all you have to do is try it.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to do water exercises:

- We all know that water reduces the weight of bodies. Therefore, exercising in water helps to reduce the weight of the body on the joints and muscles. When a person moves inside the water, he carries only 10% of his weight.. If you will practice the same exercises that are practiced on the ground, but with effort less.

In addition to losing weight on the joints, water exercises strengthen the muscles of the body and increase their endurance. Water resistance requires the athlete to increase the force exerted by an average of four to 12 times compared to land, and this depends on the speed of the exercises.

- Water exercises are suitable for people who suffer from a significant increase in weight.. As we explained earlier, water reduces the weight of the body.

Water exercises are superior to exercises performed on land because they increase the rate of burning calories.

Water exercises are used for several purposes, such as training the body's endurance by running in the water, enjoying a degree of relaxation, and restoring activity after a stressful day by doing stretching exercises in the water.

Water exercises are suitable for all ages, even the elderly. Through these exercises, they will be able to train their neuromuscular coordination using the buoyancy belt. 


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