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6 mistakes to avoid after working out

 6 mistakes to avoid after working out

It doesn't matter how much effort you do or how much you sweat while exercising, you will not get the result you want if you can't make the right choices after exercise.

 Here are some common mistakes to know and avoid after every gym class.

The first mistake: It is possible that you have forgotten the relaxation exercises after the exercise. After completing the exercises, try to do some muscle relaxation exercises to get rid of the tension and tension that usually affect the muscle after physical activity.

 The second mistake: It is very common to forget to stretch the muscles after exercise, as stretching them relieves the pain caused by the exercise, or what we call the “muscle” of the next day.

The third mistake: Eat a light meal immediately after exercise, as food is like fuel that provides the body with energy. It is preferable to

 eat a light meal containing the equivalent of 300 calories a quarter of an hour after completing the exercises, and it is preferable that this meal be a mixture of carbohydrates with protein.

 Mistake 4: Don't forget to shower after exercise to remove sweat. Letting sweat dry on your body stimulates bacterial growth, which may cause rashes.

Mistake 5: Drinking alcohol after exercise is one of the biggest mistakes you can make against your body. Alcohol slows down muscle fatigue and dehydrates the body, so it is recommended to drink water instead of alcohol within thirty minutes after exercise.

Mistake #6: Lack of sleep. The body needs the rest that sleep provides to recover after exercise.


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