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6 important reasons to have a regular relationship

6 important reasons to have a regular relationship

Yes, intimacy is beneficial to your life and health. They make you feel happier and more confident, help you sleep better, relieve stress, and lose extra calories, and they may even extend your life. So, there are many reasons why you should do it... regularly.

1 - rest

To get rid of your stress, go to your intimate place, especially if relaxation exercises fail to do their job. During your intimate relationship, your body produces dopamine, which is a substance

 that fights stress hormones and endorphins or the happiness hormone, in addition to oxytocin, which is called the emotion

 hormone, which contributes to increasing your desire. A recent study indicated that people who spend intimate times regularly can relieve stress and feel more joy than others.


Does intimacy contribute to improving your health? Of course! They form part of a useful physical exercise, as the movements you require are similar to those you perform during a gym session. Here are the other benefits:

The increased speed of your breathing, during intimacy, increases the level of oxygen in your cells, and your body's production of additional levels of estrogen and testosterone contributes to maintaining the health of your bones and the strength of your muscles.

This process protects your heart from disease and reduces your high cholesterol level.

Half an hour of intimate meeting helps you lose 150 calories, which is the same number that you burn while walking for about half an hour as well.

The cuddling process that permeates the intimate relationship contributes to lowering your blood pressure, according to a recent study.

Your heart rate increases during intimate times, which contributes to the flow of clean blood to your organs and cells and to rid your body of toxins and substances that cause you to feel tired.

- The intimate process improves the work of your immune system, that is, it strengthens your natural defense system and helps you face many diseases.

Having an intimate relationship reduces your husband's risk of cancer. A recent Australian study stated that the risk of prostate cancer decreases in men who engage in this relationship 5 or more times a week.

Intimacy regulates your menstrual cycle by improving the work of your hormones.

3 - youth

Have sex 3 times a week to look 10 years younger. This was proven by a 10-year study of 3,500 people. This is due, according to the researchers, to the fact that the body releases, during this

 relationship, a hormone associated with growth and fights free radicals resulting from pollution, which protects skin cells from aging and the appearance of wrinkles. Some skin specialists have

 concluded that intimacy enhances blood circulation, which means that it provides the skin cells with oxygen and contributes to ridding them of toxins and preventing clogging of their pores. Thus, your skin becomes bright and rosy.

4- Confidence

Intimate life is connected to everyday life and when the relationship is going well, you feel confident and empowered about other aspects of your diary. So, it makes you bolder and bolder.

5- sleep

As already mentioned, intimacy has the characteristics of exercise. Therefore, it is one of the ways that you can resort to in order to combat insomnia and sleep disorders.

 6- Lifespan

A recent British study indicated that regular intimacy contributes to the prolongation of life, which is due to the body's release of the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone, which improves immunity and restores tissues.

7- Reproduction

If you want to get pregnant, know that having regular intimacy enhances your chances of achieving this goal because it improves your husband's reproductive health. 

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