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6 exercises to avoid gaining weight in winter

 6 exercises to avoid gaining weight in winter

6 exercises to avoid gaining weight in the winter, because aerobic exercise is one of the effective weapons for weight loss, and the most appropriate way to gain a slim and slender body. 

And the benefits of exercise do not end there only, as exercise also maintains the integrity of the internal organs in the body in addition to its great role in strengthening the immune system to resist diseases and viruses in the winter.

And because fitness is the dream of most girls who suffer from excess weight and fat accumulated on the body in the winter, we have collected for you the best exercises to lose weight with the right

 steps to take, which you can practice easily in your home and at any time you want without having to leave the house during the winter weather.

6 exercises to avoid gaining weight in the winter

First exercise

Stand straight and straight, then take your left foot back so that it is taut with the front right knee bent so that the leg is at a right angle.

 Return to the first position and repeat the movement, making sure to switch feet. To get more out of the exercise, you can carry some light weights in your hands.

second exercise

Take a squat or squat position and lower as much as you can toward the floor. Leave a distance equal to the distance between your feet, and bend your knees as if you were sitting on a chair.

The third exercise

Take a squat position in the first movement, bend your knees and bring your butt back, jump in the air and then do the lunges like the first exercise, jump again and then go down this time with the lunges movement with alternating feet.

Fourth exercise

Lower your body and rest on your palms and toes as if you were in a push-up position. Lift the right and left knee and bring it quickly to the chest area and start by jumping from side to side.

Fifth exercise

Bring the "rope" and then do the traditional jump-rope exercise. You can do the exercise either by joining the feet or bending them

 forward one after the other while you are in place. You can also do the same exercise and the same movements without the need for the rope itself.

Sixth exercise

Bend your knees into a squat position and place your hands on the floor directly in front of you. Kick your legs back so that the weight of your body is fully focused on your hands, and when you are in a

 plank position, do a quick push-up, then use the tips of your toes to push your body off the ground so that you can stand again. Jump and push your whole body up using the tips of your feet, and raise your hands up when jumping to stretch your whole body.


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