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6 common mistakes for women that affect metabolism and weight loss

 6 common mistakes for women that affect metabolism and weight loss

Healthy food occupies an advanced position in improving general health, and helping to lose weight and lose weight within a diet or diet prescribed by a nutritionist according to each person's condition.

However, some people often feel the lack of success in losing weight, even despite the commitment to eating healthy food and following what health experts advise, in addition to exercising. 

The reason for this is due to a number of common mistakes that some make during the diet, which impede the metabolic process responsible for burning calories and fat in the body, and thus weight loss properly.

What are these mistakes, and how can they be avoided to ensure success in the weight loss process? This is what we know, according to information published by the Saudi newspaper, Asharq Al-Awsat.

6 common mistakes for women that affect metabolism and weight loss

These six errors are the following:

Eat fewer calories during the day: Some people think that reducing the number of calories that must be eaten daily will help lose weight more and faster. This is true, but not completely.

 Reducing calories from unhealthy food sources is necessary in the process of slimming, but eating fewer “necessary” calories can 

negatively affect the metabolic rate and cause digestive problems. Also, don't lose sight of the fact that eating fewer calories than required for too long can weaken muscles and cause malnutrition.

Therefore, it is necessary to balance the calories that the body needs, to ensure weight loss without problems.

Avoid eating proteins: Proteins are important food sources for growth and body building, and avoiding eating them in the diet to lose

 weight can lead to an imbalance in the body and reduce the amount of calories burned daily. It may also prevent the promotion of metabolism, which helps to lose weight, reduce disease and reduce inflammation.

A high-protein diet helps improve the rate at which the body burns calories, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle: It is a bit difficult for those who work in offices or students who study online, as well as children who are preoccupied with video games. 

The fluctuating lifestyle affects the reduction of the metabolic rate and the process of burning fat and calories in the body, especially sitting and lying down for a long time.

Therefore, following a stable and active lifestyle that depends on exercise or any physical activity, and avoiding sitting and sleeping for a long time, contributes to activating the metabolism and losing weight.

Not getting enough sleep and rest: Lack of sleep can impair metabolism and negatively affect the process of burning calories and thus losing weight. 

Experts stress that the body needs a certain amount of rest and enough time of sleep daily, to recover and work effectively the next day.

So if you suffer from the inability to lose excess weight, experts advise the need to get enough rest and sleep to activate the metabolism process.

Eating sugary drinks: We are tempted by some diet or diet drinks to take them instead of soft drinks and other drinks such as juices and others. 

These drinks are rich in artificial sweeteners, which increase insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, poor metabolism and digestive disorders.

Therefore, the consumption of these sweetened sugary drinks should be reduced or avoided to ensure the burning process in the body and to reach a successful result in terms of weight loss.

Lack of endurance and strength exercises: These are exercises that enhance metabolism and help burn large calories, as well as increase muscle mass and make it fat-free.

One study, which lasted for 6 months, indicates that doing about 11 minutes of exercise

Daily strength 3 days a week improves resting metabolic rate by 7.4%; This means that on average people burn an extra 125 calories per day.


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