5 yoga poses to lose belly fat

 5 yoga poses to lose belly fat

5 yoga poses that contribute to getting rid of lower abdominal fat because lower abdominal fat is one of the most troublesome issues for many women, so exercise is the ideal solution to this problem, as

 the exercises work to tighten and sculpt the lower abdominal muscles and burn fat in this area in a wonderful way.

In our report today from "Heya", we put in your hands the 5 best yoga poses as mentioned on The Yoga Institute website that

 contribute to getting rid of lower belly fat and tightening the sagging of the lower abdomen, achieving the desired results for you without the need to go to the gym or commit to intense exercise sessions.

But you must realize that it is not possible to get rid of lower abdominal fat in a short time, but the beginning of regularity with

 these exercises is enough to start reducing these flabbiness, especially since continuity helps you achieve your goal and reach the ideal body.

5 yoga poses to lose belly fat

first position

Stand straight and bring your feet together, lower your head and bend forward to reach the heel of the foot, making sure that the bend is from the waist and not from the back, and wrap your hands under the feet.

second position

Lie on the floor, raise your legs and bend them straight in the air. Lift your head and upper body and press your stomach inward. Move the arms up and down with quick and small movements while keeping them extended, then rest and repeat the exercise again.

third position

Kneel on your knees and place your palms on the mat, slowly arching your back until the position resembles a cat sitting position.

 Lift your chest up away from your stomach and exhale, then gently contract the abdomen and lower the chest to rest against the thighs. Repeat the method at least 10 times.

Fourth position

Start sitting with your legs forward, bend your left knee to the right and place your right leg under the opposite side. Put your right arm on your knee and raise it with your left arm on the floor behind you.

Fifth position

Lie on your back straight, extend your right leg on the floor, and bend your left leg and pull it towards you with your left hand. Repeat the same exercise for the other side.


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