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5 yoga exercises to get strong healthy hair..and stop falling forever

 5 yoga exercises to get strong healthy hair..and stop falling forever

.. 5 yoga exercises to get strong healthy hair .. and say goodbye to hair loss forever, and now to the details:

Many are looking for natural recipes, masks, or even vitamins to solve the problem of hair loss, but did you ever expect that yoga can help you with this problem? According to the "indiatimes"

 website, there are some exercises that help enhance the health of the body if practiced on a daily basis, and also benefit the skin as well. Learn about the most prominent of them:

Vajrasana exercise

Sitting in the Vajrasana pose helps in solving stomach and digestive disorders and also promotes hair growth significantly. It is preferable to sit in this position after meals for 5 to 10 minutes to achieve the best result.

The Vajrasana pose can be performed by kneeling on the floor or on a yoga mat, then pulling the legs together and spreading the feet straight.

 Then we exhale and sit on the legs, and the pelvis can be moved forward or backward a little until you reach a comfortable position, and when you settle down, put your hands on the thighs.

After sitting, set your spine straight and inhale and exhale slowly.

Adho mukha svanasana exercise

The adu mocha svanasana pose requires you to pose with your body as figure 8 in Arabic.

This exercise is very beneficial for improving blood flow and oxygen circulation to the scalp, which can help in promoting hair growth, and its regular practice reduces hair loss significantly.

Sirsasanaa exercise

This exercise is based on standing on the head, so Sirsasanaa exercises help improve blood circulation in the scalp, reduce baldness, and improve hair quality.

Matsyasanaa exercise

As for the Matsyasanaa exercise, practicing this exercise daily works to get rid of hair loss and most of the hair problems. This is called the fish pose and we do it by stretching the upper body in the opposite way.

Balasana exercise

Balasana exercise helps control hair loss and increases hair strength. Also called the child's pose, it is done by simulating a prostrate position and then stretching the front part of the body on the ground.

Vajrasana exercise Adho mukha svanasana exercise Balasana exercise Matsyasanaa exercise Sirsasanaa yoga exercise


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