5 ways to protect you from back pain during working hours

 5 ways to protect you from back pain during working hours

Spine pain is often associated with long working hours, and here comes the role of each person by choosing the best method, or methods, to maintain the integrity of his body, especially the health

 of the spine. Here, we will give you 4 tips that will bring you relief with regard to back and spine pain clearly during working hours, according to the Healthista health website:

Correct position of the spine

It is necessary to know the correct position of the spine; In order to avoid any other positions that may cause pain and health problems, the most appropriate position is to keep the chest open and not to allow your shoulders to bend forward.

This does not mean that the back is tight in a way that violates its natural position, it is natural that there is a slight internal curve in the spine, which creates balance and absorbs shocks during movement.

Suitable offices

One of the most important things that will protect you from back pain during long working hours is to sit at suitable desks, do not force you to bend down and sit in a slouched position; What may increase the pressure on the lumbar vertebrae in the spine.

So try to find solutions to get rid of this problem, if any, if the screen of the laptop or computer is low, forcing you to bend or tilt the neck, put a group of books under it, or any other tools that will help raise it to the level of your eyesight, in this way you will be able to sit moderately .

Don't wear a ballerina

Do you prefer to wear ballerina flat shoes? To ensure the safety of your back and freedom to move without tiring while working? So you are wrong; Where these shoes lead to a feeling of back pain.

In this case, replace the flat shoes with healthy shoes with a solid sole and a simple heel; To ensure that the instep is straight.

And most importantly...Practice integrated exercises

The muscles of the body consist of muscles responsible for movement, and others responsible for providing support to the body. From this point of view, experts of the health site advise that two

 types of sports be combined, which are the usual exercises in gyms, and Pilates, which gives the body flexibility; This will strengthen the spine and relieve pain, if any, during working hours.


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