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5 ways to get rid of hair problems with yoga exercises

 5 ways to get rid of hair problems with yoga exercises

5 ways to get rid of hair problems using yoga exercises, and now to the details:

Women face many hair problems such as brittleness, damage, fall, fragility, and other problems that are difficult to treat easily. Hair treatment medicines are among the medicines that spend a lot of time in treatment

It is good to hear about an effective and healthy way to get rid of hair problems through yoga exercises, so we will show you 5 yoga poses to improve hair quality, according to the Times of India.

The most prominent of these situations are:

Diamond position by kneeling with the knees together and feet slightly apart, palms on the thighs, then sitting to pull the feet from the buttocks while keeping the spine straight.

The bent dog is a similar posture to the dog pose, with the knees under the hips, and the wrists under the shoulders. Taking the breath and straightening the elbows and knees, parallel to raising the hips in an inverted V shape.

The position of the rabbit by kneeling with the feet together, then bending the head until it touches the knees, and its top touches the ground.

Forward standing position: Stand straight with feet apart, placing the hands on the sides and the shoulders relaxed, then withdraw the

 breath with the hands extended above the head and pointing the tips of the fingers to the ceiling, before exhaling and bending the body at the hips forward.

The position of the camel by kneeling on the ground and taking the position shown in the picture, while inhaling and exhaling and maintaining this position for a few seconds.


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