5 useful exercises before bed

 5 useful exercises before bed

After a hard and tiring day, you should follow ways to maintain your comfort, and one of these ways is to do exercises before bed, which in turn makes your sleep more relaxed and prepares you well for the next day. Learn with us about these exercises that you can perform at home without the need for gyms or assistive devices.

 pull the knee

Lay on your back and relax your neck, then grab one knee and gently pull your knee toward your chest while your other leg is left flat on the floor. Switch legs every little bit, and then pull both knees together. This exercise is good for resting the back, hip and rear.

Thigh and hip exercise

Sit on the floor with square legs, grab your ankles and gently push your knees down toward the floor through your elbows. This exercise will make you feel comfortable in the thighs and hips.

Leg muscles workout

Lie on your back and let your butt facing the wall, and make your legs extended to the top. This exercise will feel the comfort of the tendons of your legs and this exercise also helps you to blood flow to your lower part.

Trunk Extension

Sit on the floor and keep your upper body erect, put your left leg flat on the floor, take your right leg with the knee bent and pull your right foot over your left leg and place it on the floor. Take your left

 elbow and place it on the surface of your right knee and roll gently from the navel area. Use your arm to push your right leg for a better result. Then turn around and look back. Stay for 15-20 seconds and

 then switch to the other side. After performing this exercise, you will feel relief in the middle of your back, extending to the buttocks and hips.

back exercise

Kneel on the floor and extend your arms outward as much as possible and keep your hips dropping and your butt pulled while pushing your arms to the floor with your arms to tighten the exercise. This exercise is good for your back and shoulders.


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