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5 tips to keep fit

 5 tips to keep fit

Many of us enjoy and maintain fitness, no matter how their circumstances change or age, and on the other hand, many also exaggerate in their pursuit of "deadly thin", or do not enjoy fitness at all.

Obesity.. How, then, is the proper maintenance of fitness, in the long term?

 Dietitian and fitness specialist Modi Al-Omran explains to us five basic points, to maintain permanent fitness:

1- Ensuring that the body is free of diseases: There are diseases that increase weight, and the patient finds it difficult to lose weight, until he treats them. Among these diseases that women may suffer and cause obesity:

Ovarian cyst disease, so make sure - through medical examinations - that you do not have this problem, as well as the lazy thyroid gland, which secretes the hormone “thyroxin”, which has an important role

 in the process of burning food and fat, but this gland sometimes becomes lazy, so the secretion of “thyroxin” decreases. Which leads to a decrease in the rate of burning, and thus the emergence of symptoms of obesity.

2- Make sure to eat breakfast: as many do, while also making sure to eat dinner. Upon awakening from sleep, the metabolism does not recover its activity again until after more than half an hour has

 passed, and in order to stimulate the activity of the metabolic process, it is necessary to eat breakfast early, an hour after

Waking up immediately, so that the body begins burning and digestion and providing the cells with the energy needed to remain in a state of continuous activity from two to three hours, and thus the

 body burns, not stores. As for dinner, it should be eaten three hours before bedtime, to give the body time to burn the energy it received, as everyone knows that the metabolism becomes sluggish during sleep.

3- The time it takes to eat the meal: Note that the period of time for slim people to eat their meal is at least ten minutes longer than the time for obese people to eat their meals, even though the meal is of

 equal size. You are supposed - after putting food in your mouth - to leave the spoon or fork aside, until you finish chewing completely and swallowing calmly, then eat another amount of food. You may

 feel a little bored at first, because of this system, but make sure that it works in your interest, and for your feeling of fullness quickly.

4- Small quantities: Those who enjoy fitness know that if small quantities were collected, they would become large, and this is what many neglect.. Reducing the amount of the meal helps the body to

 maintain its agility, and eating additional quantities of food can cause weight gain, such as gaining a hundred extra calories

Daily, which you can get simply by eating a small piece of chocolate, it means that you will gain an additional weight equivalent to about five kilograms annually. Denial may lead to frustration.

5- Do sports: try to allocate time to exercise, and gradually, as if you allocate one day to exercise during the week, then increase the period to three times, and so on, starting with ten minutes, to reach half an hour, exercising will rid your body of calories excess thermal.

Information: The greater the percentage of muscle in the body, compared to fat, the higher the rate of burning.. Muscles burn a greater percentage of fat, estimated at 25 to 33%, and the best way to increase the percentage of muscle in the body is to perform

 strengthening exercises, using light weights, if necessary, It is recommended to perform these exercises three times a week.


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