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5 mistakes mothers make during their first childbirth

5 mistakes mothers make during their first childbirth

There is no doubt that the first experience always carries many mistakes that we learn from in the future, as well as the first pregnancy, which is a wonderful experience that no woman forgets, but it is not without the mistakes that you make unintentionally.

As soon as I give birth, I will return to my normal life:

Lots and lots of plans that new mothers make for their lives as soon as they give birth, lots of sports, new clothes, a complete change of look, change of hair color, returning to your favorite hobbies

 quickly, then they are shocked by the fact that their newborn needs time and care that outweighs the importance of those plans, so be Be realistic in the plans you make for yourself after birth, and make

 them gradual so that you balance your baby's needs and return to your normal life. Follow the exercises at home during the first month of birth and you do not have to spend your entire day in the gym because you will not be able to do that.

I'll be on a strict detox regime once I give birth!

Hey new mom, did you forget that you will follow the pregnancy period with a period of breastfeeding that requires special attention to everything you eat and drink in order to provide your child with

 the necessary nutrition? Traditional detox systems based on fruit and vegetable juices are not a good option during breastfeeding, but do not worry, there are detox systems for the breastfeeding period that

 depend on eating fresh foods and drinking plenty of fluids while not refraining from basic foods, thus providing your newborn with proper nutrition and eliminating toxins from the body.

Follow the rule of “good middle things”:

Do not let your excess weight during pregnancy invite you to make strict decisions that harm your baby, but always follow the rule of the best of middle matters, and do not forget that the rate of burning in a

 woman’s body rises during the breastfeeding period, so take advantage of that by eating balanced and healthy food and doing little exercise while making sure to eat a lot of fluids.

Not setting limits for successive and arduous visits to acquaintances:

After birth, all your friends and acquaintances, and friends of your parents and husband would like to see the new guest on this life, you may not realize the weight of these visits on you and your newborn

 is still in its early days, so you should entrust this task to your mother or someone close to you so that he coordinates these visits, and try to finish them They are all in the hospital, where the visit is

 light and does not exceed 30 minutes there, while you should try to postpone home visits to the seventh party or the new-born reception, in which your mother and close friends help, and then you will recover and be more able to receive them.

Take advice from an experienced, not a doctor:

One of the most common mistakes among many women is to turn their ears to the advice of others regarding nutrition and movement during pregnancy, while not paying attention to the advice of her

 own doctor. And not to research the experiences of others and take their advice seriously, except in general matters, as well as tips for feeding a newborn, bathing, and others, that you should receive from the hands of specialists. 

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