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5 important exercises to lose weight buttocks

 5 important exercises to lose weight buttocks

If you intend to lose and burn buttocks fat and get rid of the accumulated fat in this area, sports and exercises play a big role in this area to solve this problem effectively and quickly.

Here are the best important exercises for slimming the buttocks, which are characterized by the fact that they do not require you to leave the house and ensure that you get a slim and graceful body.

But these exercises must be accompanied by the will and determination to persevere and follow the diet of the necessary healthy foods that reduce fat around the buttocks and lose weight quickly.

5 important exercises to lose weight buttocks

first exercise

Lie on the floor and rest on the palms of your hands and on one knee as the picture shows you. 

Lift the second leg and bend it 90 degrees in the air. Keeping the back straight and the head elevated, move the raised foot up and down several times before switching between the feet.

second exercise

Lie on the floor face down with your arms in front of you. Lift your chest a little up and legs as much as you can and repeat the movement several times.

The third exercise

Stand on one leg as in the picture. Lift the right or left foot back or bend it back for more challenge.

 Raise it to the top and lower it more towards the ground several times, while maintaining a stable position and straight back. You can maintain your balance by using a chair to stabilize your hands.

Fourth exercise

Lie on the floor and raise your legs, keeping your back flat on the floor. Move your feet up and down like a scissors in quick, small motions, while keeping your feet fully extended.

Fifth exercise

Stand straight and leave a large distance between your feet, bend your knees to a squat position, open your feet wide and lower with all your strength toward the floor. 

Concentrate the load of the body on the ankles of the feet, put your arms on your waist and maintain the position as possible. Keep your heels on the floor to stand again, keeping your back straight.


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