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5 healthy habits that keep joints and bones healthy

 5 healthy habits that keep joints and bones healthy

Do you suffer from arthritis permanently? In simple steps, you can maintain the health of your bones and joints with five healthy habits provided by the Indian Bold Sky website that you must adhere to.

1. Maintain a healthy weight: It will help remove unwanted stress from your joints, and help keep you healthy. Maintaining a healthy

 BMI will help remove the extra burden from your joints which will help reduce the damage caused to your cartilage.

2. Stay active: If you suffer from arthritis pain, you should exercise; Because it will strengthen your muscles and improve blood flow in the body, in addition to cartilage health, you can also do exercises such as swimming and walking to benefit your joints.

3. Work on building stronger muscles: you should exercise and build the muscles around your joints, these muscles will provide support to your joints and keep them from getting injured, compared to those

 joints that don't have strong swept muscles, make sure you do the exercise to build your muscles with the help of an experienced physical trainer.

4. Consume anti-inflammatory joint foods: such as turmeric, ginger, tomatoes, walnuts, almonds, spinach, berries, fatty fish, etc. in your diet.

5. Limit your sodium intake: Because consuming excess salt makes your bones weak and prone to fracture, make sure you include adequate amounts of calcium-rich foods like milk and dairy products in your diet; Because it is essential for the health of your bones.


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