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5 habits to sculpt the face and get rid of excess fat

 5 habits to sculpt the face and get rid of excess fat

Even after losing weight, many people struggle to lose face fat. It is one of the hardest fats in the body. From plump cheeks to a double chin.

The accumulation of fat in the face spoils your appearance, especially since beauty has become associated with a sculpted face, and makeup alone cannot achieve this purpose. It is true that there

 are facial plastic surgeries that help in liposuction and sculpting the face, but who among us would like to risk their face? Therefore, it is better to follow the tips that limit the fullness of the face, even if it requires a relatively longer time.

Here are the most important tips given by experts to reduce the accumulation of fat in the face area:


1- face exercises

There are many exercises that help reduce facial fat and improve muscle strength, and among these exercises are stretching the tongue for 10 seconds until you feel the muscles in your chin and neck, and

 there is another set of facial exercises available on YouTube that you can use. It does not take more than minutes each day, but the result will not be visible unless you persevere.

2- Cardio

Physical activity enhances blood circulation in the face, especially cardio exercises that help lose facial fat after a period of adherence to it. Do cardio for at least 20-40 minutes a day, and you will notice a change in the appearance of the fat that was accumulated in the cheeks or chin.

3- Reducing refined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates, also known as processed carbohydrates, are low in fiber, since they are stripped of the fiber. They mainly include

 white bread, white rice, white flour, sugar, soda and sweets. Eating these carbohydrates increases fat storage which is why a woman who wants to sculpt her face should replace this type of carbohydrate with whole grains instead of processed ones.

4- Reduce your sodium intake

Eating sodium-rich foods increases bloating and swelling. Almost all processed foods contain salt, which causes our bodies to retain extra water, which leads to water retention and increased facial fat.

5- Egg white mask

Egg white helps reduce the fat accumulated in the cheeks, and helps to remove the excess amount of oils that cause the skin to clog pores.

the components:

2 egg whites

1/2 spoon lemon juice

Separate the egg whites, beat well, then add lemon, apply to clean skin for 20 minutes, and finally wash with lukewarm water.


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