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5 exercises to get rid of the rumen in just 15 minutes!

 5 exercises to get rid of the rumen in just 15 minutes!

So you don't have enough time to go to the gym. You are very busy. Despite this, you can exercise and get rid of the extra weight in your abdominal area easily. how? Do it at home and in just 15 minutes.

Know first that some exercises that you do when you wake up in the morning help you get rid of the rumen and reduce your feeling of hunger and eating a large amount of food during meal times. Thus, many will think that you have had an operation to bind your stomach. Now, get to work.

 1 plank exercise

To implement this useful exercise at home, do the following:

Lay on your stomach, then raise your entire body, resting on your palms, elbows and tiptoes. Make sure that your palms are separated by the same distance as your shoulders.

Let your body form a straight line and tighten your hips.

Try to maintain this position for 30 seconds, then repeat the exercise 10 times.

2 Plank exercise

Use the same position as the previous exercise, but in this case, you need to raise both feet at a distance of 5 centimeters upwards. Make

 sure to keep both of them suspended in the air for two seconds at a time. Repeat this process 10 times for each foot. Know that you can raise the arm on the opposite side of your foot at the same time.

3 climbing exercise

Maintain the position you adopted during the previous two exercises and do these steps:

Let your right knee come as close as possible to your left arm, then return to its previous position and repeat this process several times.

Let your left knee approach your right arm, then return to its first position and repeat the exercise several times.

In order to keep your back straight, imagine that you put a cup of water on it.

4 circuit exercise

Sit on a mat on the floor and start doing this exercise as follows:

Bend your knees toward your chest and secure them with your hands and arms.

Let your body fall back, as if you were a ball rolling and repeat the same process in the opposite direction (forward). But do not allow your feet to touch the ground. Do this exercise 10 times backward and 10 times forward.

5 breathing exercise

If you want to lose weight at the level of your abdomen, all you have to do is do this exercise daily in the early morning:

Stand and put one hand on your stomach and the other on your back.

Breathe deeply through your nose, making your stomach swell.

Exhale very slowly through your mouth until your abdominal muscles contract.

Remember also that this exercise contributes to reducing your stress and the possibility of high blood pressure.


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