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5 exercises to get rid of liver fat

 5 exercises to get rid of liver fat

Liver fat is one of the common problems among many people, as it is natural that the liver is active in dealing with fats, but when a defect occurs in dealing with fats, fat accumulates on the liver and causes infections in the liver.

And to get rid of liver fat, there are some lifestyle changes that can help patients with fatty liver in treatment and remove liver fat, and not reach the complications of hepatitis.

 For example, if obesity or improper eating habits are the cause of fatty liver, this problem can be reduced and controlled by losing

 weight, by practicing appropriate activities and exercise, because it helps reduce the amount of fat in the liver and reduce excess weight in the body.

Note: If you are a beginner to exercise, get your doctor's approval first and start slowly.

Here are the 5 best exercises to get rid of liver fat:

first exercise

Lie on your left or right side with your feet fully extended on the ground. Lift the upper part of your body off the floor and raise your feet together at the same time towards the ceiling and lean your

 hands on the ground and move your feet up and down without touching the ground. Do the same for the other side.

second exercise

Lie on the floor and raise your shoulders off the ground by placing your hands behind your head.

 Raise the knees bent upwards while keeping the calf muscles in a parallel position to the ground, then do an alternate movement between the legs similar to the movement of riding a bicycle.

The third exercise

Take a basic squat or squat position, bend your knees, lower slightly towards the floor and bring your buttocks back. 

After you squat, jump up into the air from where you are and then go back to the first movement and put your feet back on the ground with the squat movement.

Fourth exercise

In the first movement, take the plank position, push your body away from the floor and rest on the palms of your hands and toes, then

 lower down more and rest on your elbow and alternate between the two positions. Repeat the exercise 12 times.

Fifth exercise

Start the exercise by standing with your back straight, bend your knees to get into a squat position and place your hands on the floor directly in front of you.

 Kick your legs back so that your entire body is resting on your hands, and when you're in a plank position, do a quick push up, then use the tips of your toes to push your body off the ground so you can

 stand up again. Jump and push your whole body up using the tips of your feet, and raise your hands up when jumping to extend your whole body.


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