5 exercises to get rid of flatulence in 5 minutes

 5 exercises to get rid of flatulence in 5 minutes

Abdominal gas is one of the most common problems among women that leaves a negative impact that makes you deal with pain that may

 be severe, and an abnormal bloating that makes you feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable and difficult to move.

In our report today, we have chosen for you the 5 most important exercises to get rid of abdominal gas in a quick time that does not

 exceed 5 minutes, which will definitely help you in treating bloating and gas and maintaining an ideal weight.

Best exercises to get rid of flatulence

First exercise

Sit on the ground and then hold the feet with the legs apart and open, slowly stretch until the forehead approaches a little from the feet, stay in this position for a few seconds before returning to the first position.

second exercise

Sit fold your legs under you. Take a deep breath and raise your arms above your head and try to stretch your torso as high as possible.

 Slowly bend while exhaling and extend your arms forward until your forehead touches the floor as in the picture.

The third exercise

Stand straight and bring your feet together, lower your head and bend forward to reach the heel of the foot, making sure that the bend is

 from the waist and not from the back, and wrap your hands under the foot as in the picture.

Fourth exercise

Lie on the mat and keep your back straight, bend the knees together 90 degrees and raise them in the air, extend your arms and then bend

 your feet bent on each side as in the picture and do not forget to repeat the exercise for the other side as well.

Fifth exercise

Lie on your back straight, extend your right leg on the floor, and your left leg bend it and pull it towards you with your left hand as in the picture. Repeat the same exercise for the other side.

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