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5 exercises that promote lung health for patients with the new corona virus

 5 exercises that promote lung health for patients with the new corona virus

In light of the circumstances the world is experiencing as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic, which is considered one of the

 viruses that cause respiratory diseases, it is important to know the best ways to enhance the lung health of patients with the Corona virus.

If the lungs cannot fully expand, this leads to shallow breathing and reduced lung capacity.

 Therefore, it is important to maintain health through exercise, which plays a major role in promoting lung health and strengthening

 immunity, lung and respiratory system, especially for those who suffer from shortness of breath from patients with the new Corona virus.

In the following report, learn about 5 exercises that enhance lung health for patients with the new Corona virus, with the need to

 adhere to consulting a specialist doctor and communicating with him to ensure that the exercises are appropriate for your health condition and the correct way to apply them.

Exercise improves lung health for coronavirus patients

daily walk

It is recommended to walk for at least 20 minutes a day with deep breathing, this ensures the strengthening of the lungs, especially for

 people who are more prone to lung and respiratory problems, as it is one of the most important ways to maintain the health of the lungs.

Correct walking should be practiced by raising the head and shoulders, as this prevents the rib cage from contracting during walking.

push up

It does not have to be in its difficult form, it can be diluted to suit different people and ages, as this exercise helps in improving the functions of the lungs by increasing their size, it is preferable to do

 deep breathing while raising the body while lowering the body slowly in conjunction with exhalation, and repeat this exercise several times a day according to your ability.

With each time you do this exercise, you will help open the rib cage area, increase the volume of the lungs, and strengthen them.

Breathe with pursed lips

Bronchial expansion exercises enhance the work of the lungs, and reduce the severity of symptoms of various diseases of the Corona virus. 

This exercise helps to keep the airways open for as long as possible, facilitating the movement of air in the lungs. 

To do the exercise, do the following: Stand upright to help improve lung movement. Breathe deeply and slowly, and control your breathing for a while.

 Exhale by pursing the lips, and you can purse the lips by rotating them in the kissing position. Note that if you take five seconds to inhale, double the time to ten seconds to exhale.

relaxation exercises

Relaxation exercises are also effective in eliminating the problem of shortness of breath and improving lung function, as you avoid stress caused by the psychological stress of the Corona virus.

Lie on the floor or bed. Extend your feet and place one hand under your chest and the other on your stomach area, or leave your hands cheesy. Relax and breathe deeply. Maintain this position for two minutes.

yoga exercises

Yoga increases the efficiency of the work of the lungs and prevents respiratory diseases.

Lie on your stomach and bend your right or left leg and extend your other leg as shown in the picture.

 Keep your head still and elevated and your hands in front of you on the floor. Hold this position and breathe deeply for 20 seconds. Repeat the same breathing period for the following exercises as well.


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