5 effective exercises to solve prostate problems

 5 effective exercises to solve prostate problems

5 effective exercises in solving prostate problems, the prostate is a small gland found in the male reproductive system and is an important part of the reproductive system.

 The prostate may be affected by many diseases, such as an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, or prostatitis.

There are different types of effective exercises that can help men with prostate problems, including prostate enlargement, as these exercises help strengthen the pelvic muscles, and can help relieve

 accompanying symptoms, reduce the risk of prostate problems and maintain their health, especially that the muscles Around the bladder may become weak with age.

5 effective exercises to solve prostate problems

Kegel exercises for prostate treatment

Kegel exercises are a group of non-aerobic activities that may help the urinary tract and affect urinary incontinence, the problems often associated with an enlarged prostate. 

This type of exercise aims to strengthen the pelvic muscles, treat the prostate, and reduce pain associated with it. Kegel exercises can be

 performed by stretching on the back with bending the knees and keeping the feet in contact with the ground, then placing the hand on the pelvic bones (belt). seconds with repetition.

Walking for prostate

It is aerobic exercise that helps you maintain a healthy weight, thus avoiding obesity problems that may cause an enlarged prostate.

Resistance exercises for prostate treatment

Doing resistance exercises, such as lifting weights for 30 minutes a few times a week, can help reduce urinary problems that cause an enlarged prostate.

swimming for prostate treatment

 Exercising on a daily basis plays an important role in promoting prostate health and protecting it from inflation. It is preferable to

 diversify the sports that are performed, and many useful sports and games can be performed; Like swimming.

Tennis and basketball for prostate treatment

Practicing various sports such as basketball, tennis and football also helps keep the body from the risk of prostate enlargement, reduces pain and improves the general quality of life in patients with an enlarged prostate.


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