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5 best exercises to stimulate an underactive thyroid

 5 best exercises to stimulate an underactive thyroid

Exercises to stimulate an underactive thyroid gland are one of the natural ways that thyroid problems can be treated. Exercise for an underactive thyroid gland activates the body when the gland is

 lazy, relieving symptoms, increasing the ability to secrete hormones, increasing the metabolic rate, and helping to increase the effectiveness of medications.

Also, exercise helps patients with an underactive thyroid improve mood, aid weight loss, increase energy and activity, and maintain a healthy and active heart.

But it is not possible to do any exercise, as strict and difficult exercises may not benefit the thyroid patient, but rather increase the disease, and lead to a feeling of fatigue and make the patient more fragile and weak.

Guidelines before doing exercises to stimulate the inactive thyroid gland

Consult your physician before starting any exercise, or before continuing with the exercises you used to do in the past.

Commit to taking the treatment of hypothyroidism and making sure that your hormone levels are under control.

Avoid taking any nutritional supplement along with exercise such as protein supplement to build muscle before consulting your doctor, as it can interfere with medication.

Start with light, slow exercises and gradually increase it as your body adjusts, taking breaks between exercises.

5 best exercises to stimulate an underactive thyroid

The most important exercises that help activate the thyroid gland and do not cause fatigue, according to the Daily Medical Info website, are:

Water aerobics (light swimming)

Swimming exercises are one of the best exercises for hypothyroid patients. Staying in the water with light swimming helps relieve pressure on the joints.

Brisk walking

One of the simplest types of exercises to stimulate the thyroid gland. Walking activates the heartbeat and burns calories at a rate of 280 calories per hour.

bicycle riding

Cycling is one of the best exercises for hypothyroid patients, because it is an important cardio exercise that activates the heart and reduces stress, and does not cause joint stress.


Yoga not only helps to strengthen and stretch the muscles, but also helps you breathe better, as a study found that patients with hypothyroidism who practiced yoga for 6 months had a stronger

 lung. Studies have also proven that the practice of hot yoga regulates the secretions of the thyroid gland. As performing many yoga movements and postures inside the hot yoga rooms greatly helps in enhancing the functions of the thyroid gland. Studies indicate that the

 posture of the camel and the posture of the cobra is one of the most appropriate positions for treating thyroid problems and regulating the

 hormones secreted by this important gland. It tightens the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and neck area, and prevents the thyroid gland from getting enlarged or infected.

Tai Chi

Also called movement meditation techniques, which involve moving in slow motion in certain ways, studies suggest tai-chi helps reduce stress and improve balance and mood.


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