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5 best exercises to increase testosterone in the body

 5 best exercises to increase testosterone in the body

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for building muscle, as this hormone improves the growth of proteins in the muscles.

 Therefore, any decrease in testosterone levels in women, especially during the menopause stage, leads to a decrease in the metabolic rate and thus increase in weight, obesity and body fat percentage in women.

Exercising to increase testosterone in the body

Exercising and intense training is a catalyst for the production of testosterone and improve its levels, especially resistance

 training, weight lifting, and other resistance training, as it stimulates muscle tissue to produce more testosterone and increase its levels.

It is preferable to take a rest between exercises, and it is preferable to allocate a day for exercises for the upper body, and a day for

 exercises for the lower part, especially the feet, then spend a day of rest, and return to exercises in the same previous order.

Here are the 5 best exercises to increase testosterone in the body from HIIT and resistance exercises.

first exercise

This exercise helps to increase the effectiveness of the work of the legs, as well as build the muscles of the arms and boost testosterone levels.

Stand straight, hold the weights in your hands, then bend your elbows until the weights are close to between your chest.

 Lower the upper body down and bend the knee, then stand straight and raise the arms up and hold the weights in your hands.

second exercise

This exercise helps you boost testosterone production in addition to improving body posture, as it strengthens the large thigh muscles, and reduces pressure on the lower back muscles.

Get on the machine at the gym or stand sideways, lower your head toward the floor, and move your buttocks back. 

Hold the weights in your hands and first extend your arms down, then bend your elbows and bring them back behind your back.

The third exercise

It is a great exercise and it is important to follow it to increase the level of testosterone because it requires the strength of the entire body and the use of the upper part and the lower part of the body.

Carry the appropriate weights for you in your hands, and raise it to the top of the head, then take a squat or squat position and go down

 as much as you can and hold this position for 30 seconds and then stand again while maintaining the tension of the shoulder muscles and extending your hands high.

Fourth exercise

Lie on a stable sports ball or on the ground and hold the weights in your hands. 

Lift the dumbbells to the top and hold for a few seconds with your arms well raised to put pressure on the muscles. Put your hands near the chest, and repeat the exercise.

Fifth exercise

The exercise relies on the use of a large group of muscles to help build the body and increase muscle strength. Stand with your knees bent in a position similar to a squat. 

Hold the weights in your hands, then push your hips and back a little higher, then stand with your hands and body raised and take a straight position until the bar is close to the body. Repeat the exercise several times.


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