4 ways to jump rope and blast fat in just 10 days

4 ways to jump rope and blast fat in just 10 days

To shed fat and lose excess weight, it is necessary to adopt a healthy and fat-free diet and to exercise regularly. But you can also get the same result and get back in shape by doing one exercise in different ways: jumping rope.


4 easy ways to jump rope and burn fat

You may not like going to the club and doing hard exercise. So you can choose an easy and fun exercise that you can do at home: jump rope. It is enough to do this for 30 minutes at least 4 times a week. This helps to burn a large number of calories and fat, especially in the areas of the arms, thighs and buttocks.

exercise 1

Jump rope as you did in your childhood. But with each jump, raise the heels of your feet toward your buttocks. Repeat the movement 50 times, resting from time to time.

exercise 2

Jump on the rope with your legs open and rounded. Repeat the movement 50 times with 20-second breaks. And try to reduce the number of breaks gradually as the days go by.

Exercise 3

Anchor Jump rope with your knees up. Do this 50 times with short breaks of 20 seconds each.

Exercise 4

Jump rope with one foot. Repeat for 50 balls, with 10-second breaks each. And then move to the second foot.

And if you want to achieve the goal of blowing fat and regaining fitness, repeat the jump rope daily. Start with 5 minutes and then 10 until you can do this exercise for 30 minutes.

And remember that you can lose the number of calories according to your weight. If it is 56 kilograms, for example, you can burn 300 calories if you practice jumping rope for 30 minutes a day. But if

 your weight is 85 kilograms, you will lose 372 calories... Then do not forget that jumping rope exercises are one of the best ways to lose weight and blow up the fat of the arms, thighs and buttocks. 

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