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4 things you should not ignore when you start dieting

 4 things you should not ignore when you start dieting

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, a saying that many say when talking about any work or goal that a person seeks to achieve and succeed in. 

As the path to success in any matter requires walking thousands of steps to reach the desired goal.

The successful diet is not strange to this journey, and success in it from beginning to end requires taking basic steps and measures to

 achieve the goal of losing weight and getting rid of obesity and continuing the slimming journey despite the obstacles and difficulties that we can face along the way.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the basics that should be done at the beginning of the diet, in order to continue with it and succeed without stopping and losing hope after a short period.

What are the things to be aware of and not ignore when the start of dieting? This is what we discover together, as reported by the

 Egyptian "Al-Youm Al-Sabaa" website, citing a report published by the Indian "TimesNowNew" network.

4 things you should not ignore when you start dieting

There is no doubt that the knowledge of each of us about his body and its nutritional needs, helps to complete the process of dieting without fear of failure or stopping after a while.

The four things that the Indian Network report talked about when the diet began are the following:

Calorie balance: It is necessary to take into account the calories we eat daily during the diet, starting with the basic breakfast, which

 should not be ignored, and through the lunch and dinner meals, which are also necessary to activate the metabolism process and burn calories and fats for weight loss.

Any lack of calories necessary for the body during dieting, results in a feeling of hunger and loss of energy and activity, which leads to a

 drop in blood sugar levels and thus increases appetite for sugar, while the main goal of the diet was to reduce the consumption of sugars or reduce them as much as possible.

Eating the right amount of protein: Everyone now knows the need to get protein as an essential component in promoting the burning process in the body. 

Therefore, when we start dieting, we should know the right amount of protein we need in the diet and eat it to achieve this end.

Nutrition experts also stress that eating protein in its various forms, whether animal or vegetable protein, in each of the daily meals, helps to maintain the health of the body, hair and skin completely.

Controlling the limited quantity: It is not wise not to eat large quantities at the beginning of the diet, but it is more useful to control the quantity, even if it is limited, and to choose the appropriate times to eat it.

In other words, the limited amount in the diet should be controlled and not exceeded as much as possible, with the need to take it

 throughout the day and not directly before bed or before exercise, which is harmful to the body and spoils the purpose of the diet.

Do not starve the body: Some believe that stopping eating or reducing its quantities significantly, can help in losing weight.

 While the opposite is true, starving the body can cause nutritional deficiencies and damage its health.

Therefore, you should never starve the body under any names, whether fast or harsh dieting, drinking only juices, or following a strict and unbalanced diet.

 Rather, following a healthy diet, developed by a nutritionist, according to the needs of each body, can help achieve the dream of fitness, a slim body, and losing weight in a healthy and safe manner.


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