4 secrets to look younger..more beautiful

4 secrets to look younger..more beautiful

Many studies have proven that the more a woman is happy internally, the more this is reflected in her health and external beauty.. But how can you be happy from the inside, so that this reflects on your youthful appearance?

Al-Jamila offers you 4 reasons that the experts agreed that they play a role in making you look more beautiful and younger:

1. Optimism:

Research conducted in the United States of America revealed that optimistic people who look at life positively live more than pessimists, as they live with an average lifespan of 72 years, so look

 at things with more optimism, and always expect that you are successful, and you succeed, and researchers believe that pessimistic

 people facilitate their injury Diseases, and often do not accept to consult doctors when necessary, while optimistic people are keen to consult doctors, and implement their advice accurately.

2. Married life and children:

Research confirms that a happy marriage for a long time increases the average lifespan of a man and a woman, and has also shown that when a woman and a man separate from their life partner, and then

 remarry, the chances of them contracting serious diseases increase, affecting their lifespan. Researchers confirm that the more children a woman gives birth, the higher her average life, and it is believed that

 the reason for this lies in the fact that a woman who gives birth to many children usually finds great support and help when she gets older, whether she suffers from health problems or in terms of the

 external appearance of her body, There is no objection to you and your husband agreeing to have an appropriate and specific number of children.

3. Getting and keeping friends:

Practicing a normal social life is one of the necessary conditions to ensure a long life and a long life, which was reported by Italian

 research conducted in this regard. It creates a good psychological and healthy climate, which helps in strengthening the means of vital defense against diseases and aging.

4. Thinking:

In order to be able to maintain a healthy, alert and alert mind, and to avoid the deterioration of the mind’s abilities and the decline of its forces, scientists advise activating the mind by playing social games,

 such as chess, dominoes, and other games, as well as practicing memory exercises, such as memorizing phone numbers. It is good to talk about abstract topics, such as philosophy and psychology, and

 chess and memory exercises are part of the theory of brain sports, which is a method for developing and developing mental activity through simple mental exercises, such as games, to activate intelligence and the mind. 


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