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4 secrets of rosy skin, what are they?

 4 secrets of rosy skin, what are they?

The pink color of the skin enhances its beauty and attractiveness, as well as its youthful and healthy appearance. For rosy skin and smooth texture, we will guide you to some of the secrets that beauty experts follow:

1. Paying attention to the quality of food

The more you eat fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that fight free radicals and promote healthy skin, the positively it affects its outer surface as well as its pink appearance.

2. Exercising

Do regular exercise in the fresh air, at least three times a week, because it stimulates the blood circulation in the body, and therefore its red color every day.

3. Expel toxins from the skin

Always make sure to purify your skin of toxins by sanding it with appropriate products on a continuous basis to remove the dead surface cells that cause the pale color of the skin and thus maintain its purity.

4. Massage every evening

Massage helps to promote blood circulation throughout the skin and the flow of oxygen to it, making it look healthy and rosy. Use oils to facilitate the movement of the fingers during the massage, as they

 provide the skin with the essential ingredients that deeply nourish it, moisturize it and prepare it well for the evening cellular renewal processes.


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