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4 rumen shapes that have nothing to do with excess weight... this is how you get rid of them

 4 rumen shapes that have nothing to do with excess weight... this is how you get rid of them

You may be fit and eat healthy food. However, you will not be able to get rid of the rumen. In some cases, flatulence is not related to excess weight, but to other causes. Discover it and learn how to get rid of it.

1 stress rumen

Shape: The rumen in this case takes the form of a swollen belly above and below the navel.

Causes: irritable bowel syndrome, constant stress, excessive caffeine intake.

Treatment: Relax before bed, breathe deeply, and enjoy a long warm bath before going to bed.

Focus on foods rich in magnesium, such as raw nuts and green vegetables.

Don't do intense exercise. Do cardio, yoga and walking. Vigorous exercise promotes the release of cortisol, or the stress hormone.

2 rumen the wheel

Shape: In this case, the abdomen looks fuller, like a swimming wheel at its sides.

Reasons: Consuming a large amount of sugar and not doing physical activities.

Treatment: - Do exercises regularly, especially squats.

Don't eat a lot of sugar. Replace sweets with fruit juice, natural shakes, and dried fruits.

Eat foods rich in good fats such as lean meats, eggs, nuts and avocados.

3- The birth rumen

Form: It usually appears in women after childbirth.

Reasons: After childbirth, the uterus decreases from its normal level and the muscles of the pregnancy area become weak. This causes your stomach to relax.

Treatment: Do stomach exercises to get a flat stomach. Eat foods that contain good fats, such as olives and raw nuts.

4 - low abdomen

Shape: This belly appears in some very thin women.

Causes: Spinal sprain.

The remedy: Eat foods rich in fiber, such as whole-wheat bread and leafy green vegetables.


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