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4 foods that fight insulin and boost belly fat

 4 foods that fight insulin and boost belly fat

Belly fat enhances and resists insulin that controls blood sugar levels, this is how the 4 worst foods work on the accumulation of belly fat

 and slow the function of insulin in the body, which may be eaten continuously and in a random way.

Here we will find a close link between the slow action of insulin in the body and the increase in harmful fats in the body, as we find that insulin is an essential hormone that controls blood sugar levels, and

 helps transport blood sugar to cells for storage, so when cells are resistant to insulin, they cannot use it. Effectively, this contributes to

 high sugar levels and the promotion of belly fat and its accumulation, in a way that makes it more difficult to burn and eliminate it as soon as possible.

From this standpoint, we will learn about the 4 worst foods that resist insulin, promote belly fat and make it difficult to lose weight

4 foods that fight insulin and boost belly fat

 Visceral fat that is concentrated in the abdominal area is associated with insulin resistance, so it is important to maintain blood sugar levels to lose weight and accumulate fat without suffering.

Therefore, it is necessary to abandon as much as possible eating the 4 worst foods that resist insulin and promote belly fat in a random way, and replace them with healthy nutritional foods that enhance insulin function, to get rid of the accumulated fat in a healthy manner.

As for the 4 worst foods that resist insulin and promote harmful belly fat, they are

Ice cream is one of the worst foods that leads to high blood sugar levels and resistance to insulin action, which enhances harmful belly fat and increases its accumulation and is difficult to burn on a permanent basis.

Biscuits contain high amounts of sugar, refined flour and added fats, which affects belly fat, as biscuits interfere with the body's ability to maintain proper energy and blood sugar levels, and thus contribute to an increase in visceral fat without warning.

Fruit juices, undoubtedly provide the body with vitamins and minerals, but the fructose they contain can lead to insulin resistance and promote the increase of harmful fat in the abdominal area.

Hamburger combines carbohydrates and proteins known as “simple carbohydrates”, which are one of the types that contribute to insulin resistance, in contrast to complex carbohydrates that benefit energy

 and blood sugar levels, and therefore eating them for long periods may promote belly fat and increase weight in the fastest time .

Finally, it is necessary to limit the consumption of the aforementioned foods, as it is sufficient to eat them once a week and in small quantities, in order to maintain the performance of the

 insulin function in the body, which may positively or negatively affect abdominal fat.


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