4 exercises to break down fat and back bends

4 exercises to break down fat and back bends

Obtaining a harmonious body depends on two parallel paths: diet and sports. Just as recent trends and theories have emerged to facilitate

 dieting, trainers have also revealed ways to tighten the muscles of the body and break up fat through simple exercises that do not take time and can easily be done at home.

One of the stubborn problems that some face is the accumulation of fat in the back area, you may not notice it because it is far from your sight, but those around you notice it well, and getting rid of these

 blocks is no longer difficult after revealing sports exercises that focus on the back muscles and transform fat into muscles that tighten the body and improve body your look:

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First exercise

Stand straight with the legs open at an angle of 45 degrees, the arms are raised in a parallel movement to the head with the palms on the head from the back, then bend alternately on the left and right side 8 times.

second exercise

Stand straight with all parts of the body straight, then lower your upper body to parallel with the legs, touching the ground with the tips of the fingers. Repeat the movement 8 times or as many sets as you can.

The third exercise

Lie on the floor in the plank bridge position, then bend your body toward the ground to parallel with the elbow, then return to the bridge position again.

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Fourth exercise

This exercise is called Superman because it resembles the famous Superman launch. The exercise begins by lying on the ground so that the chest and abdomen touch the ground, while raising the arms and legs and fixing this position for several seconds, then repeating it several times.

These exercises can be done indoors 2-3 times a week only. 


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