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4 exercises for women to tighten the abdomen using the chair

 4 exercises for women to tighten the abdomen using the chair

4 Workouts for Women Tummy Tuck Using the Chair Only at home or the office is a great low impact way to incorporate movement into your daily routine. Exercising using the chair contributes to

 achieving your goal of burning belly fat. It also uses the chair to relieve cramps and aches, increases strength and

 flexibility, stimulates blood circulation, and facilitates movement and fitness. Chair exercises reduce the risk of falls because chair exercises focus primarily on improving posture and balance.

If you are looking for a way to get the perfect body, tighten the tummy and burn fat without bothering and spending a long time training, follow the following four exercises using the chair and rest between each exercise for ten seconds.

4 exercises for women to tighten the abdomen using the chair

first exercise

First stand next to the chair, put one foot on the chair, lift yourself with the other foot towards the chair and bend it 90 degrees in front of your body, and leave the first foot by placing it on the chair. Repeat the exercise, switching feet.

second exercise

Put your hands behind you on the edge of the chair, then begin to raise your body until the butt reaches the height of the chair and your hands are straight. Increase the percentage of the challenge in the

 exercise and raise your right or left foot and press it towards your stomach, then gradually descend until you come close to the ground with your elbows bent. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

The third exercise

Stand sideways, place your right foot on the chair and clasp your hands together. Bring your butt back, lower yourself slightly, and bend the second knee on the floor. In the next movement, raise

 yourself again and stand straight and extend the bent foot and then raise the second foot on the chair high in the air while maintaining the movement of the hands. Repeat the exercise 15 times for each foot.

Fourth exercise

Put your hands on the edge of the chair and extend your body back and rest on the tips of your toes. Lift your right foot into the air, keeping your body in a straight line.

 In the next movement, lower toward the chair and bend the elbows, then bend the right foot greatly and extend it aside at the level of your right elbow and press down as much as you can. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each foot.


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