3 ways to relieve stress in the office instantly

 3 ways to relieve stress in the office instantly

Stress affects the mental and physical health of each person. In addition to exercising and yoga to relieve the stress associated with

 work, there are several methods recommended by experts to help you get rid of stress immediately before presenting your next business plan, or your important call with a client, including:

use imagination

Do you feel stressed because of your work pressure? Then set aside 5 minutes of time for your enjoyment, and imagine yourself somewhere else; Where you like to spend your vacation, outside in

 nature or even on your favorite chair at home, close your eyes and try to integrate all your senses of smell, hearing and touch while you relax, in this way the tension will gradually disappear from your mind and tense muscles in your body.

breathe deeply

Many people don't care how they breathe, but doing deep breathing exercises can benefit your health. Where the American Center for

 Stress advised the need to practice deep breathing regularly to get rid of stress. With deep breathing, the brain is supplied with good amounts of oxygen, which will help you feel comfortable and calm.

Engage the senses

In this trick, relying on different senses to relieve stress, such as focusing attention on listening to favorite music or looking at a family photo, applying moisturizing cream, lightly massaging

 hands, eating favorite sweets, all of these methods will help the body focus and enjoy one of these activities Instead of focusing on the causes that create stress, you will contribute to relieving it.


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