3 tips for a natural birth without pain

 3 tips for a natural birth without pain

Caesarean section has become more prevalent than natural birth, and this is due to the fact that some mothers fear the pain that accompanies natural childbirth, especially after hearing about other

 experiences they have undergone, or they are worried about sudden birth and prefer a cesarean section for which a prior appointment is set.

You should know that natural childbirth can turn into an enjoyable experience if you follow the steps that help prepare the pelvic muscles for childbirth, especially since the usual pain in cesarean

 surgery is not followed by it, but rather disappears completely once the birth, and in this regard, doctors advise to follow 3 things during the last month of pregnancy. pregnancy, which is:

1- Walk daily for at least 15 minutes

Gravity helps with walking to push the fetus towards the pelvis, and then it becomes ready for delivery. Some mothers think that movement in the ninth month is difficult, but experience proves the

 opposite, as stimulating the body with movement and breathing fresh air helps to overcome the bad psychological state that the mother experiences in The last days of pregnancy.

2- Natural drinks

There are natural drinks that help the uterus contract, and thus speed up the birth process, so eat a daily cup of cinnamon, ginger or dates with milk during the ninth month.

3- Sports

There are certain exercises in sports that facilitate the development process by exercising the pelvic muscles to become more flexible

 when receiving labor, so you do not feel severe pain, and practicing these exercises does not need special halls, but can be implemented inside the house, and it does not take more than 10 minutes.

It is also preferable to follow all the previous tips on the same day of the birth, as soon as you feel the divorce, because this will facilitate and speed up the date of birth.

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