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3 steps to a healthy and fit body for the summer season

 3 steps to a healthy and fit body for the summer season

There is no doubt that losing weight is not easy at all, but whatever steps you take to achieve your goal. Here are the best steps to get rid of fat and get a healthy and healthy body, and the most important

 steps that the coach of Metrovit Club in Dubai and bodybuilding and fitness coach Laith Al-Shara agreed upon as ideal and correct

 solutions to permanently get rid of fat and help you lose weight and reach the ideal and healthy body for the upcoming summer season.

3 steps to a healthy and fit body for the summer season

The importance of healthy food

The most important step to maintain a healthy body and lose weight is to take care of healthy food and follow a healthy lifestyle to avoid health problems and have a lower cholesterol level and a normal blood sugar level.

healthy diet program

To ensure the success of any diet you follow, there are some points that a healthy diet must include.

For example, the summer provides us with many fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins, proteins and nutrients that play an important role in burning the accumulated fats in the body.

According to trainer Laith Al-Sharaa, the best healthy diet should include salad, grilled chicken breast, grilled steak, grilled

 fish, steamed white rice, green apple, pineapple, kiwi, steamed vegetables, avocado, strawberries, and sweet potatoes.


Physical activity is essential to help combat weight gain. According to coach Laith Al-Sharaa, exercise should be carried out according to

 specific technical directions, and a person cannot train alone. Every weight and height needs specific instructions.

 Whatever a person’s culture of sports is, he needs a coach and needs instructions to abide by regarding food before and after exercises, as well. 

He needs to be trained by specialized trainers and those who have certificates that qualify them to guide them to the correct exercises, because any wrong exercise may expose the person to injury or other risks.


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