3 moves that get rid of cracks in the skin in the abdomen and buttocks

 3 moves that get rid of cracks in the skin in the abdomen and buttocks

Skin tightening will inevitably lead to the appearance of cracks in the skin, therefore, most women usually suffer from this problem after pregnancy, or excessive weight gain.

The truth is that the risk of developing cracks in the skin varies from one woman to another, depending on the degree of moisture on the

 surface of the skin; The more dehydration, the more likely it is to get cracks in the skin. It is also related to muscle strength; Those who followed an exercise routine before pregnancy, are less prone to the problem of chapped skin.

The problem of skin cracks appears in areas of fat accumulation, which usually suffer from weak muscles, such as: the abdominal area, which is most vulnerable to this problem, as well as the buttocks and upper arms.

The two best ways to get rid of skin cracks are moisturizing and tightening the muscles. You can moisturize the skin by massaging it with natural oils, such as: olive oil and coconut oil. It is preferable that the massage process be done with warm oil to ensure that it reaches the inside of the pores.

As for exercise; In the following lines, we mention a group of movements that help get rid of skin cracks, provided that the appropriate exercise is chosen for the area where these annoying signs appeared.

An exercise that targets cracks in the skin in the buttocks and buttocks


Lie on your back, then raise your legs together, keeping your hands next to your torso, and by pressing your forearms and palms to the floor, raise your legs to the top, making sure that no other part of your body is lifted. Repeat the same movement 10 times in three sets.

Crunches exercise to get rid of skin cracks in the abdominal area


Lie on your back, with your knees brought up, put your feet on the floor, then put your hands behind your head to guide the support to the waist and abdomen, begin to raise your head, neck and shoulders towards the bottom, then slowly return.

Repeat the exercise 10 times in three sets.


This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the thighs, stomach and buttocks.


Stand straight with your feet straight, with your arms extended forward, then imagine that you are about to sit on a chair, and do this movement with your back straight and back to the first position again.

The exercise is repeated in the same manner as the previous one. You can do the three exercises in turn, provided that you warm up first; So that the muscles do not get torn.


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