3 home exercises to tighten the arms

 3 home exercises to tighten the arms

The accumulation of fat in certain areas without others is one of the most difficult difficulties that a woman goes through, and she is very confused when choosing her clothes as a result of sagging arms, and

 these sagging are formed as a result of fat formation, and of course, those fats can be eliminated in the arm by following the ideal diets for that and practicing arm exercises and muscle building exercises.

And practicing exercises to tighten the sagging of the arms is the best way to get rid of these flabbiness, of course if the woman practices a diet to lose weight in the arm area only, it will make a big difference between her and other areas, especially since there is no diet specialized in breaking up fat from a specific area.

Therefore, it has become known that localized fat needs to be exercised or to resort to modern treatments that depend on breaking up fat in the arms area. But these treatments are not one hundred percent safe, so exercise is the safe way to get rid of those sagging.

Here, Al Jamila offers 3 simple exercises that can be practiced at home to get rid of the problem of sagging arms.

Lift weights that do not exceed 1.3 kg in each arm in case you are a beginner, and it is increasing daily, and you will notice a change in the shape of the arms from the first week.

Do a circular motion without weights

Squeeze the shoulders, then finish strengthening the muscles of the back, arms and shoulders with this exercise.


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