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3 exercises to get slim legs

 3 exercises to get slim legs

3 exercises to get slim, beautiful and flawless legs, and avoid the annoying problem of sagging.

What is striking about these exercises is that they can be practiced at any time and anywhere, even at home, with the use of some light weights, and they are easy for every woman who does not have time

 for any specific sports commitment. These exercises that target the muscles of the legs bring you amazing results to increase the beauty and femininity of your body, get beautiful slim legs, appear fit and slim and fit.

3 exercises to get slim legs

first exercise

Carry the desired weight in your hands and under your head. First stand straight, then lower and bend your feet and take a squat position while maintaining the position of your hands, then stand and come back down again several times.

second exercise

First stand up straight, hold the weights in your hands and extend your arms close to your body. 

Lower forward and extend your hands towards the ground and turn your butt back, keeping your back and head straight. Return to a standing position and repeat the movement.

The third exercise

First stand up straight and hold the weights in your hands, then bend your arms as you raise the weights toward your shoulders. 

Take a wide step to the right side, bend the foot that you came forward with and extend the second and lower your hands and calmly weight towards the floor. Return to the standing position and the basic movement and repeat the exercise.


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