3 exercises before bed to slim the legs and thighs

 3 exercises before bed to slim the legs and thighs

If you intend to get rid of the accumulated fat in the lower area of ​​your body and slim the legs and thighs, here are the best exercises that solve this problem for you and tighten and slim the thighs and

 leg in a wonderful way without the need to leave the house and ensure that you get a slender figure and Agile.

Choose to do these exercises before bedtime to practice the following three exercises and regularly, and dedicate one minute to each

 exercise separately, and you will notice the difference as soon as possible.

But these exercises must be accompanied by the will and determination to persevere in them and follow a diet of the necessary healthy foods that reduce fat and lose weight quickly.

Exercises before bed to slim the legs and thighs

first exercise

Stand straight, take a large distance between your feet and fix the heels of your feet outward while tightening the back, chest and abdominal muscles. 

Take a deep breath, bend the knee to sit up and take a squat position, placing your hands on your buttocks. Hold the position for some time as possible.

second exercise

Take a wide step with your right foot to the side, bend the foot that you made and extend the second foot and touch with your left hand

 the ends of your right foot, or use some light weights to carry them in your hands as the picture shows you.

The third exercise

Lie on the bed, extend your arm on the floor, hug your buttocks, and bend your feet 90 degrees on the floor. 

Lift your buttocks and buttocks completely off the floor and press them as tightly as possible, and maintain this position for some time.

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