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3 easy exercises to beat neck and shoulder pain

 3 easy exercises to beat neck and shoulder pain

3 easy exercises to overcome neck and shoulder pain, as neck pain is one of the most common types of aches and one of the most exhausted places of the body, due to the damage that occurs to this

 area due to the long period of sitting in front of the screen and office work, or driving a car, or a bad night of sleep and other the reasons.

So, if you are facing neck pain, dear, we advise you to perform the following exercises to eliminate neck and shoulder pain, which aim

 to elongate and increase the stretching and strengthening of the neck muscles, and relieve aches and discomfort throughout the day.

Note: Before you do or follow these exercises, please consult a specialist doctor.

3 easy exercises to beat neck and shoulder pain

first exercise

Sit on the ground in a squatting position and tilt your head to the right and left and also put your hands on the side of the head when

 tilting to each side. Keep your head on one side until you feel the tension in this position on the neck.

second exercise

Use your hands to perform a deep exercise to stretch and relax the back of the neck and upper back of the body. As in the previous

 position, sit on the floor and put your hands intertwined behind your head and gently press down and lower your neck as high as your neck can handle.

The third exercise

The following exercise helps to achieve a deep extension to the sides of the neck. 

Stand with your feet apart, then grab your right hand and your left hand and place it behind your back and pull your arms slightly away from your back.

Tips and methods for treating back and shoulder pain:

Healthy food that is important for muscle health is important to get rid of muscle pain in the back, neck and shoulder.

Avoid sitting wrongly in front of the TV, while using smart devices, or even at the desk while working, as it is one of the common causes of muscle pain.

Sleep properly on a suitable mattress and pillow.

Always walk with a straight back and a taut abdomen to avoid any crookedness in the back.

Avoid moving suddenly while working or during any activity.

Therapeutic massage is useful in case of any muscle pain.

Warm compresses can be used to reduce neck and shoulder pain.

In severe cases of pain, medical analgesics can be resorted to until the cause of the disease is treated.


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