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12 ways to get fit fast

12 ways to get fit fast

The best sports coaches and dietitians give you tips and moves that will help you get fit and burn more calories faster. And even if you only use some, you'll quickly see results and look better, day in and day out.

1- Make sure to exercise your stomach

If you usually feel exhausted at the end of a strength training exercise, make sure this does not affect your abdominal exercise.

 Instead of waiting until the end to do crunches, as most people do, do one set of crunches with 15 to 20 repetitions between each endurance workout (at the end of the endurance workout and not between sets).


2- Target all your muscles

Changing the amount of weight you use will help you exercise more muscle fibers and improve your body definition, strength and endurance, says sports psychologist Chris Jordan. For example, on

 Monday, do 3 to 5 repetitions per set, using heavy weights; On Wednesday, use lighter weights and do 12 to 15 repetitions of each set; On Friday, do 8 to 10 repetitions of each set, using medium weights.


3- Maintain your focus

If you get distracted while exercising, you will tire faster. The moment your mind begins to wander, do the following to regain your focus: inhale slowly for 6 seconds, hold the breath for 2 seconds, and exhale for 7 seconds. Repeat as often as necessary to regain your focus.



4- “Skip” this exercise

Increase your strength, endurance, and coordination by doing one minute each of lunging, high-knee skipping, and side squatting once a week, says Tracy Stehley, Results Fitness video star. : Boost Your Metabolism. Repeat the exercise 4 times.


5- Hold your tongue

Before you do crunches (laying on the floor and lifting your upper body off the floor), rest your tongue behind the top row of teeth, suggests trainer Steve Zim, founder of This helps prevent neck tension, so that you can increase the effort.

6- Extend your hips every day

Sitting for long periods of time can narrow your hips, which can distort your body shape, and may cause injury, says Mark Verstegen, founder of the Core Performance Center in Santa Monica, California.

 To relieve this tightness, do a hip extension before each exercise and at the end of a long day: For example, kneel on the floor with your right knee on a soft surface, your left foot in front of you, and the

 knee bent at a 90-degree angle. Move your body forward a little while tensing the right side of the buttock muscles. Hold this position for two seconds, then rest and repeat. Do 8 repetitions, then switch to the other side and repeat.

7- Do strength training exercises before cardio

Endurance exercise drains your stores of glycogen, which forces you to burn fat to do cardio, says Wayne Westcott, director of fitness research at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts.

8- Don't forget the lateral muscles

Most of us tend to focus on the muscles, along the front and back of the body (abdomen, thighs, and buttocks) and neglect the muscles on both sides of the body, such as the middle deltoids (shoulders), the

 lateral hips, and the obliques. Work out these muscles at least once a week, says Gina Cortez Shipley, a sports psychologist at the Cooper Institute in Dallas. (Try lateral shoulder lifts, or lateral leg lifts, and

 not only will your body look more sculpted, but your joints will be stronger, which helps prevent injuries and improves your ability to lift weights.


9- Have more fun

Instead of doing the exercises rigorously, compete secretly with the people around you (you can run faster than the girl running on the treadmill in front of you).

10-Exercise your core muscles with each movement

Once a week during resistance training, do two strength exercises for each of the major muscle groups. For example, sit while you hold the weights close to your shoulders, and extend your arms above your head, then raise the weights of the hands with your arms on each side to the level of the shoulders.


11- Surprise your body

To give your body a boost of strength, and sculpt it faster, do a full-body strength workout every day for 7 days in a row (choose different moves each time), says Holland. You don't always do this, but it's okay to work out the same muscles a few times a year in a row.


12- Increase your weight

To lose weight faster, wear a heavy jacket during cardio and strength training, says Goldberg. This will increase the intensity of any exercise and will burn more calories. 


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