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10 tips to ensure successful weight loss

 10 tips to ensure successful weight loss

Success in losing weight is one of the changing criteria that only those who are capable of it can withstand, who have the will, strength to continue, a desire to maintain their ideal weight, and

 keenness to motivate themselves by following healthy and sound ways to lose weight to avoid the risk of other diseases.

Here, Dr. Cynthia Bou Khalil, Nutrition Consultant and Director of Clinical Excellence at Allurion Company, was keen to implement the latest and best solutions available in the market for weight loss, as

 well as discovering treatments that provide effective and long-term results in maintaining an ideal weight and overall health at the same time.

Here are my dear 10 tips to ensure success in losing weight

10 tips to ensure successful weight loss

Dr. Cynthia emphasized that there are no magic solutions to reduce weight, but rather thoughtful and effective programs based on science and high-level healthcare services, to achieve optimal results for a healthier and fitter life always.

From this logic, Dr. Cynthia joined the Allurion team in 2019, and together they came up with 10 tips to ensure success in your weight loss journey and maintain it after reaching the desired results, as follows:

team effort

Success in changing habits and behavior requires team effort, such as interacting with specialized coaches and support staff and sharing achievements and successes with family and friends.

Accurately set goals

Setting goals helps maintain the focus needed to reach them, and an overwhelming sense of achievement, whether the goal is to reach a

 fit body in order to wear favorite clothes, get rid of knee pain, or reduce the use of various medications for various diseases, especially type 2 diabetes.

change habits

A habit is formed when it is repeated over time. This helps to turn the behavior into an automatic or intuitive state, and thus becomes very easy to repeat as the days go by.

 The simpler this behavior is, the more likely it will become a habit. For example, you can add an apple to your cereal or order an extra side salad when eating out to reduce consumption of other unhealthy options.

Eat healthy food

A healthy diet does not require a drastic change, nor does it require changing all habits at the same time, but rather setting small goals

 and making small changes in behavior gradually each time, and over time these small changes will achieve amazing results on the health of the body, and will help to continue losing Weight to reach the desired goal.


 Advance planning is a prerequisite for achieving diet goals, and it can be broken down into daily or weekly tasks. Including determining foods, types of snacks, eating times and quantities to be

 consumed, and it is necessary to ensure that all foods and nutritional components necessary for the diet are available at home in order to avoid eating unhealthy meals when feeling hungry.

Setting short and long term goals

A short-term goal might be to replace your afternoon snack with a piece of fruit every day for the current week, while losing 12kg or 26lbs over the next four months could be considered a relatively

 long-term goal. This means that achieving one goal provides an opportunity to identify another beyond it, which helps in continuous

 development, so it is recommended to think of goals as if they were a destination that should be reached within a specific time.

Awareness of food choices

It's important to keep track of food choices, physical activity level, weight and body fat level frequently.

 This process helps to monitor the extent of development over time, understand the difficulties when they occur, understand their causes and solve them with the relevant experts.

mental state monitoring

Monitoring the psychological and emotional state can reveal other reasons for breaking the diet other than hunger, which may be due to boredom, sadness or stress, so it is recommended to make a list of

 entertainment methods and calming activities that can be adopted when feeling bored or in the event of extreme hunger.

Self-rewarding and celebration of accomplishments

We all need to reward ourselves so we don't feel left out, so it's important to make a list of non-food rewards to celebrate every achievement. Like getting a favorite magazine or spending a special vacation.

Follow a simple methodology

The simpler the plan, the more likely it will be successful. This does not require following specific laws, but rather developing a methodology and simplifying it to suit each individual.

Finally, Dr. Cynthia emphasized that there is no magic solution to losing weight, but this goal needs perseverance, planning, support and simplicity. It is all about moving in small successive steps.


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