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10 exercises you can do while working

 10 exercises you can do while working

10 exercises you can do at work Because spending working hours sitting at the desk and in front of computer screens may cause many health problems such as arthritis, lower back pain, muscle tension in the neck and osteoporosis. 

It does not stop at that, but extends to include many symptoms such as feeling tired, tension and nervous tension.

And because office workers are the most vulnerable to these health problems, it is difficult to allocate a specific time to exercise and keep fit and in shape. Here are the 10 best exercises you can do on the job.

10 exercises you can do while working

First exercise

You can do this on-the-spot jogging at your workplace without taking up a lot of space, for 60 seconds in a row.

second exercise

Take advantage of your time during work to do an exercise to tighten the abdomen. All you need to do is sit down in your office chair and start leaning in both directions.

The third exercise

Extend your legs in front of you and lean the arms on the chair, then go down and rise with your body, then sit on the chair.

Fourth exercise

Instead of using the elevator every time you move between the floors of your workplace, use the stairs because every step you go up or down burns calories and tones your body.

Fifth exercise

Make your back straight, then slowly bend your head forward, then back, then right, then left, then look with the whole head to the right, then left, then rotate the head in a circular motion to the right and then left to relieve neck tension.

Sixth exercise

Stand still and hold a chair or desk to support balance, then stand on tiptoes, heels down, and repeat at least 10 times to support the muscles in the foot.

Seventh exercise

The squat can be easily done in the office. Stand steady, with feet shoulder width apart. Extend the arms forward. Lower your buttocks until they are almost touching the floor, while at the same time

 keeping the knees apart and parallel to the toes. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise several times.

Eighth exercise

Stand straight. Then put the hands on the hips, take a big step forward with one foot and bring the knee along the feet, so that the front foot appears at a right angle, then return to the starting position.

ninth exercise

Stand straight in front of a wall, and bend your knees and hips together to form a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds to stretch the hamstring muscles.

The tenth exercise

This exercise is called jumping jacks to tighten the muscles of the body. 

Stand with your arms at your sides, feet shoulder width apart, then jump up and spread your feet a greater distance with your hands raised to the top of your head, then jump again and return to the starting position.


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