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12 tricks to lose weight in a short period of time

12 tricks to lose weight in a short period of time

Let's admit the truth! Most of the time we don't eat out of hunger, but instead resort to eating in order to promote a sense of well-being. Stress, climate, and times of day all influence how much we eat.

12. Don't be afraid of setbacks

Most will find the following situation familiar: It's been a week since you started your cabbage and water diet, and you think you've passed the hardest part. One night, something goes wrong with you, and you

 find yourself at the fridge door greedily devouring chicken thighs and even flipping the kitchen upside down in search of a bar of

 chocolate! In such a difficult moment, keep your calm and beware of suppressing your bitter sense of failure, by eating more unhealthy food; Get the rest of the chicken out of your sight, pick up a cabbage leaf, and bite off the biggest bite you've ever had!

11. Stick to the rule of two types

Always try to decorate your plate with two different types of food: meat and a side dish; side dish and salad; Fish and vegetables. This simple formula will accustom you to a moderate approach to eating.

10. Break the saying “Is there more”?

Change where you eat and keep it as far from the kitchen as possible. Carry your plate and cutlery (just nothing more), and move to the living room or office, or you can even have your meal on the balcony or in the garden. Then, even if you want to refill your plate, your hunger will likely pass before you reach the kitchen.

9. Leave evidence pointing to your “crimes”!

People obsessed with cleaning the table, while eating, from the effects of their excessive appetite, tend to eat more than those who leave the leftovers on the table to the end in plain sight. Because they prefer to rely on their feeling of satiety and fullness, which usually betrays them!

8. The “bottomless” dish phenomenon!

According to one of the researches carried out in this field, most people continue to eat until the plate in front of them is empty, and not until they feel full! The only way to solve this problem is to use small plates and eat the meal consciously. Curb your hunger and try to ignore the food left on the table, no matter how tasty it is!

7. Companionship is harmful

We eat 30% less alone than we eat in a group. As for the occasions when we share dinner with 3 or 4 friends, it makes you consume twice as much food as you would if you were alone. conclusion? Try to eat your main meals alone, and reduce snacks and soft drinks when you are with other people.

6. Stick to a shopping list

When trying to determine the products you need for the week, follow the example of experienced chefs who prepare a complete list of necessary nutrients (meat, grains, vegetables, etc.), then check the list when you go to the grocery store, and stick to it literally!

5. Say “No” to all the delicious junk food

Find the darkest, remotest, hardest-to-reach place in your house, and get rid of all your tasty snacks (or move them, at least, to the farthest corner of the fridge). You might say, "Why shouldn't I refrain from

 buying these temptations in the first place?" Because according to Wansink, it's easier said than done. By clearing your home of these "loveable discarded" foods entirely, you'll have to eat more (who

 knows how much!) when you're visiting friends, at coffee shops, or at work. The best solution is not to prohibit the purchase of these things, and to be firm in eating them in a reasonable manner.

4. Chew every bite well!

Some studies indicate that chewing each bite of food at least 32 times, helps to better satiate the taste receptors, which significantly reduces our appetite for food and gives us a feeling of fullness in a short time.

3. Don't cut calories in the morning

According to Wansink's statistics, breakfast habits make up 96% of the art of maintaining body shape. And only 4 of the 100 slender women questioned said that they do not approach food in the morning. On the other hand, women who suffer from excess weight admitted that they are careful not to eat breakfast, in the hope that they will lose weight!

2. Eating in portions

According to Wansink's observations, people who prefer sitting in coffee shops, with their backs to pastry or pastry racks, often manage to maintain a slim figure. You can follow this tactic at home, by

 pouring the food into individual portions into exclusively suitable plates. As for cooking utensils, pots and large bowls, you should leave them in the kitchen and never bring them to the table. "Out of the eye, out of the belly", it's very simple!

1. Be calm and persistent

Do not rush to try all the previous tips at once. The best way is to apply one new tip every week. With these small steps, you will gradually move to a new way of life and a slim and attractive body! 


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