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Yoga exercises Psychological benefits of yoga

 Yoga exercises Psychological benefits of yoga

  Many people enjoy practicing yoga to benefit from its benefits for physical health. In the past few years, yoga has been of interest to researchers in the field of psychology,

 exploring its benefits for individuals working to improve their psychological well-being, and an increasing number of hospitals and rehabilitation centers are incorporating yoga in their health improvement programs.

 Psychological and mental health For many people, yoga has been shown to help reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and many other mental and mental health issues.

The most important psychological benefits of yoga

 Relieves anxiety and depression

Yoga practices vary according to what the person wants, some of which calm the heart rate and breathing, and reduce blood pressure, thus helping to relax, and some of them provide the body

 with activity and vitality by increasing the heart rate, rapid breathing and stimulating blood circulation, and it is possible through both practices Training ourselves to respond to stress, and to control our reactions

People who suffer from anxiety and stress are advised to practice yoga, so that their nervous systems calm down and they get calm and relaxation. and get out of it

 Strengthens focus and activates memory

Always and often when practicing our life activities, we forget and cannot be able to remember, and then the solution lies in practicing yoga, so we learn how to clear our mind, and practice exercises with full concentration, and while continuing this practice that relates to mental and mental focus

 this mental presence is reflected on the entirety of our living life, and it strengthens Memory and activates cognitive processes in the brain. In addition, yoga strengthens mental awareness, enhances concentration, and effectively helps balance the nervous system

 Yoga helps you relax and sleep better

The autonomic nervous system follows two systems, one of which is the sympathetic nervous system, which stimulates the body when feeling danger, tension or anger, and stimulates the body to secrete adrenaline

 speed of breathing increases, blood circulation activates, heart rate increases, and the rate of sugar and cholesterol in the blood increases, so the body obtains energy which enables him to deal with the situation

Despite the importance of the sympathetic nervous system, its excessive activity negatively affects the health of the body.

 The other, parasympathetic nervous system, restores the body to its normal state, returning the heartbeat, sugar, blood pressure, breathing, lipids, and blood circulation to their normal levels to maintain the body's energy.

Yoga encourages calm breathing, which reduces the functioning of the sympathetic nervous system and increases the work of the parasympathetic nervous system, causing the body to relax and calm, which leads to deep, restful sleep.

 It relieves mental disorders

A medical study revealed that high school students practice yoga continuously, they do not suffer from mood swings, have a lower rate of stress, and have the ability to control anger.

Reducing the effects of psychological trauma

People who are exposed to psychological trauma are exposed to the so-called post-traumatic stress disorder, where the person with this disorder sees disturbing dreams, and suffers from a state of insomnia, and many studies have indicated that practicing yoga treats this condition.

Yoga rids the body of the pressures that the mind is exposed to, and it also rids it of thinking about problems all the time he practices yoga, where his focus is entirely on his body posture and the correct breathing method.

 Many go to the practice of yoga to take advantage of the health benefits that benefit the body, and many studies and research have confirmed the many health benefits of practicing 

yoga, which indirectly contributes to improving the psychological state and mood of yoga practitioners, as a result of what it gives the body from Benefits.


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