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The sport that burns the most calories: What is it?

The sport that burns the most calories: What is it?

Sports is one of the most important practices that it is recommended to follow daily, so what is the most calorie burning sport?

The sport that burns the most calories: What is it?

Exercising is very important because it has many benefits for health, especially weight, but what is the most calorie-burning sport?

The most calorie burning exercise

If your goal is to burn the largest amount of calories, then running must win the first place undisputedly, but if there is something that prevents practicing this sport, there are other options such as: rope skipping, and swimming.

But it is worth noting here that burning calories does not depend only on the type of sport, but there are other factors that have an impact on it.

What are the factors that affect the burning of calories?

If two people participate in a particular exercise, they do not necessarily burn the same number of calories in the end; This is because there are other factors that have a role in this, and the most important of these factors are:

1. Age

The higher the age, the more effort a person has to make to reach what is required.

2. Physique

A person with good muscle mass burns more calories than a person with a high percentage of body fat.

3. Temperature

The warmer the environment, the more calories will be burned, and here lies the importance of warm-up exercises, as they increase the body temperature, but care must be taken not to overdo it so that the body does not reach the stage of heat exhaustion.

4. Fitness level

It is normal that an experienced person will burn more calories than a beginner; This is because his body has become more efficient during exercise.

5. Diet

Not eating enough, skipping some meals, eating unhealthy foods, or having too much caffeine all negatively affect the metabolism and thus the burning of calories.

6. Sleep

Sleeping for a few hours will reduce the burning of calories; Because the body will not be rested enough, other than that lack of sleep reduces the metabolism, which is 

7. Oxygen

It gives the body the necessary energy. People who make extra effort to breathe during exercise burn more calories. Each liter of oxygen needs to burn 5 calories.

What are the benefits of sports that burn more calories?

It is imperative that the benefits of exercise are not only limited to burning calories, as it can include other benefits, you know them now:

1. Benefits of running

Since running is the most calorie-burning sport, it must have many benefits for the body as well, including:

Maintain a healthy heart: Running greatly reduces the risk of heart disease, as it reduces the heart rate at rest, and this increases the efficiency of the heart muscle.

Get better sleep: Running is an aerobic exercise that increases the release of endorphins, a chemical that helps relieve pain and stress.

Improved knee and back health: The more you exercise, the less likely you are to develop back and joint problems with age.

Improve memory: Because running is an aerobic exercise, it raises the heart rate and increases sweating, and this may lead to an increase in the size of the part responsible for the brain and learning in the brain.

Strengthening the immune system: doing aerobic exercise in general reduces the possibility of infection in the upper respiratory tract.

2. Benefits of swimming

Since swimming is one of the options because it burns a good amount of calories and because it is a type of sport that helps move the whole body to resist water, we must mention some of its benefits on the body, including:

Maintains heart rate.

Increases muscle strength and fitness.

Maintain a healthy weight.

Helps relax and reduce stress.

It is a good treatment for some injuries, especially muscular ones.

3. The benefits of rope skipping

As mentioned earlier, rope skipping is one of the exercises that helps burn calories in a short time, for example, exercising for 20 minutes helps burn 241 calories for a person weighing approximately 91 kilograms, but there are other benefits of rope skipping, including:

Improving the fitness of the heart muscle and respiratory system.

Strengthening the muscles of the body.

Improving the ability to balance, motor coordination and coordination between the movements of the feet and hands.

Helps build stronger bones. 


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