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Inner energy exercises

Inner energy exercises

 Internal energy:

 Exploiting this energy helps the body benefit. The energy of the body known to everyone with different cultures is that ambush and stored in the muscles, but there is another type of energy that some may 

be unaware of its existence is the internal energy, which may sometimes be referred to as the energy of the soul or the essence and that this energy does not enable one to lift heavy weights or run More quickly,

 but rather it gives him an incentive to work, achieve and enjoy life, and it keeps hope in the hearts of people and protects them from various psychological pests that cause them frustration, stress and anxiety.

The most important exercises that help bring inner energy:

Running: The benefits of running are amazing for boosting energy for this exercise, and the feeling stems from your body releasing a group of hormones called “endorphins,” which are known to 

cause a feeling of activity, comfort and happiness. Running also increases energy by moving blood and oxygen throughout the body. It is important to increase your heart rate, endurance and positive and inner energy.

Stretching (flexibility) It is one of the most important exercises in which energy and relaxation gather, and the back, legs, arms, neck, feet, hands, neck, legs and thighs are stretched. There are special exercises for stretching you can decide which one is right for you.

Factors that help to better sense the inner spiritual energy:

That a person sets a clear and strong goal to live for. Careful attention to everything that benefits the person, whether physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally.

That a person does not hesitate to ask others for help or encouragement if he needs it.

To have a realistic theory of things that makes him able to accept the situation in which anyone lives.

 To participate in social activities within the country, governorate or village in which he lives, as the individual’s playing a vital and effective role in his small surroundings increases his self-confidence and increases a sense of internal energy within him.

Spending a large part of his time in natural places, as the feeling of psychological calm and relaxation increases the feeling of the inner energy that God has placed in us.


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