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How to lose belly and buttocks

 How to lose belly and buttocks

 Many people want to lose some weight from the abdomen and buttocks area for the longest possible period of time, but they should know that they cannot control which fat their bodies

 will get rid of first, as the fat is stored in cells scattered throughout the body, but some people have more fat In certain cells in areas without others of their bodies, which makes these areas more full than 

other areas, and when reducing the number of calories consumed compared to what the body used to burn previously;

 The body resorts to mobilizing the stored fat and converting it into energy, but you cannot refer to the buttocks and abdomen area and ask to burn the fat stored in these particular areas, as the body

 tends to burn fat in a certain pattern, often decided by genes, and it is known about women that excess fat is stored by

The body’s need in the buttocks, in order to provide support to the fetus during pregnancy, and this fat is usually directly under the skin, which makes losing it difficult, as well as the fat stored in

 the abdominal area, which is distributed in the waist area, so the person must direct his body towards the places of accumulation of these Fat to be burned in particular through exercise.

Exercises to help you lose weight

Which targets the muscles of the inner and outer buttocks:

Side Kick

Stand straight and feet apart, then slowly raise the right foot sideways for a count of 3.

Make sure the inner thigh muscle is parallel to the floor.
Slowly lower the foot while counting to 3.

Push-up walking exercise

 Which is the best exercise to get a flat stomach; Because it works on operating a large number of muscles in the body that enhances its resistance, and thus obtains a better result:

Put your hands in a push-up position, taking into account that they are wider than the shoulder area, about 5 centimeters

 on each side. Move your hands as far as possible outward from the sides, and repeat this movement 10 to 12 times. Lift one foot up before moving the hands out, and repeat the movement with the other foot the next time.

side plank exercise

 It is very suitable for getting a flat stomach, and it depends on the body's focus on two main points, and therefore more effort must be made to maintain balance:

Concentrate on your left hand, placing the elbow directly below shoulder level, and place the right hand on the right shoulder or upper right thigh to maintain balance.

Gather your strength and lift your right foot up. Balance your body on your left forearm and foot, so that your body forms a diagonal line.. If you can't, stay for as long as possible, then repeat the movement on the other side.


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