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handball exercises

 handball exercises

ball passing exercise

 This exercise requires three players; Two of them play against one player on a designated area of ​​the handball court; Where this player stands between both players, who must try to pass the ball between them and prevent the opposing player from interrupting the passing 

of the ball between them, and the positions of the players must be changed periodically in this exercise, so that each of them takes the role of the player standing in the middle who He must cut the

 balls, and it must be noted that both players who pass the ball among themselves must run a specified distance before throwing the ball to the other player or perform other skills; Like an imaginary dribbling before passing.

Ball Handling

 This exercise requires the use of a large number of players, ranging from six to eight, and these players line up in a large circle on the field and then choose one of the other players to stand in the center of this circle, and two balls are used so that the player in the middle

 of the circle receives the ball from One of the players positioned along its circumference passes it directly to the player standing next to the one who passed the ball, then the player standing 

in the middle prepares to receive another ball from another player and after receiving it, he must return it directly to the player next to the one who passed it, and so on.

ball interception exercise

 This exercise is practiced by having six players; Two of them line up diagonally at the corners of the handball half field, while the remaining 

four are in the area between the two players. Successful, the two diagonally placed players on the field are substituted with two of the four players trying to intercept the ball and so on.

defense exercise

 This exercise is performed by dividing the players into two teams of different colors; This is to distinguish each player to his team members, then the game is started by that the player who owns the ball must complete ten passes in his part of the court before trying to throw the ball towards

 the opposing team’s goal to try to score a goal, and the defending players in the opposing team must stop the balls

 that It is shot towards the goal to prevent goals being scored. Note that players are prohibited from using their body to prevent the opposing team's players from scoring or attempting to score but must cut the balls using their hands.

goalkeeper training

The handball player must be able to play in any of the different playing positions in the handball game, even if it is the goalkeeper’s position, and the handball goal can be practiced by lining up several team 

players in front of the goal and then shooting the balls towards the goalkeeper from a distance Six meters. In another exercise, a defensive 

player is placed in front of each shooting player so that the goalkeeper tries to block the balls that are directed at him with the presence of the defense players; This is to simulate actual matches.

Necessary body parts in handball

 Handball requires endurance in both the upper and lower body muscles, in addition to the strength of the heart muscle and the health of the circulatory system;

Therefore, it is necessary to practice exercises that increase the health of all these parts, in addition to practicing stretching exercises, warming up, and exercises that will improve coordination in the use of both the hand and the eye for the player.

General exercises for different types of sports

  of sport that the player plays or the abilities of the players who practice them, there are many exercises that are suitable for any type of different sports, These exercises will increase the physical strength of the players and develop their physical fitness, and the following shows the most prominent of these exercises:

Squat exercise:

(English: Squat), the squat exercise is practiced by the player standing so that his toes are directed outward a little and so that both his feet are spaced apart and about the width of his shoulders, then

 he begins the exercise by lowering his body down and keeping his back straight while focusing his weight on the heels of his feet and keeping On the knees parallel to the feet.

Bridge exercise:

 (English: Bridge), this exercise is practiced by the player lying on his back, then bending his knees, and then starting to raise the hips to the top, taking care to make the back straight while raising the hips.

Plank exercise:

(English: Blank), this exercise is practiced by the player lying on his stomach, then placing the palms of his hands on the ground and raising his body up by resting on the arms, and it must be taken 

into account that the player’s head and both shoulders, in addition to his hips, knees and ankles are in one alignment, Keeping the back straight, then lowering the player's body towards the ground to the extent that allows his knees to touch the ground.

Push-up exercise: During this exercise, the player begins to raise his body off the ground similar to what was explained in the plank exercise, taking care to keep his head parallel with both hands 

and focus his eyes directly to a point between his hands, then the player lowers his body down so that his elbows form an acute angle of forty-five degrees with the sides


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