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fitness exercises

 fitness exercises


 Walking is one of the cardio exercises that are indispensable when seeking to increase physical fitness, and it also has many health benefits such as strengthening the heart and increasing the amount of calories burned, and it is characterized by being an exercise that does not require

equipment or sports tools and depends only on choosing a shoe. Good, and it is important when wanting to start walking that first take into account walking for periods ranging from 10-15 minutes for 

beginners and then increase that to about 30 minutes per session, and if you want to increase the intensity of exercise, it is necessary first to increase the distance before the walking speed is increased.


 This type refers to those exercises whose application leads to an increase in the heart rate for a period of time, an increase in the rate of breathing and thus an increase in the level of oxygen in the blood, rather than 

relying on the operation of large muscle groups, including walking, running, swimming, aerobic exercise, and others, and to achieve The best result of physical fitness by adopting

 these exercises, it is recommended to change the exercise pattern that is applied and combine it with other exercises, such as

 incorporating some running for a short period while walking a certain distance, or including a week of swimming in the exercise schedule, and other examples.

strength training

These exercises help in particular to build and strengthen muscles, and their work is based on affecting the muscles of the body through a stimulator, which is weights; In order for the muscles to resist and work 

against them, the correct application of these exercises needs to take into account the increase in the intensity of the 

weight of the muscles, because after a period of exercise they have adapted to its intensity, in addition to adding diversity in the exercises and merging more than one; To get stronger muscles.


 It has been noticed recently that many have tended to practice jumping on a trampoline (in English: trampolining), and this comes in conjunction with the guidance of many fitness experts to adopt it as one of the best ways to gain the body in fitness in addition to other benefits 

associated with it, including strengthening the upper and lower body parts, improving Balance and coordination of the body, strengthening muscles, increasing endurance, maintaining the health 

of the heart and lungs, and increasing the production and secretion of endorphins, thus it is noted that jumping burns a lot of calories along with building muscles, and achieves family fun.


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