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Fast weight loss exercises for women

Fast weight loss exercises for women


The problem of obesity and excess weight for everyone is a very important problem, and it requires serious and firm intervention to solve it because of its bad side effects on the health of the affected person.

 The prevailing weight has become the epidemic of the twenty-first century, as it has been found through continuous statistics that there are more than one billion people worldwide suffering from this problem, and this number is constantly increasing among members of societies, both adults and children.


 Weight gain can be defined as an increase in the percentage of fat in the body that is higher than the normal rate, and the larger this percentage, the greater the problem of weight gain and obesity. In movement and lethargy in the body, in addition to the increasing demand for

 junk and unbalanced food, which constitutes an important reason for weight gain, and the resulting accumulated health problems and many diseases, and women may suffer more than men from the problem of continuous weight gain. The average percentage of body fat in men is about (12-15%) and in women (20-25%).

 Through this article, we will explain some of the most important factors that help and lead to weight gain, especially in women, in addition to clarifying some ways that enable 

women to get rid of this extra weight, as the treatment of this problem requires the person, whether man or woman, full awareness and a good health culture For the success of the journey to get rid of excess weight without returning to it in one way or another.

Factors of weight gain in women Undoubtedly, there are many reasons that lead women to gain weight, and the most important of them may be:

Lack of sleep and rest:

Where many recent studies have proven that the body that gets an adequate amount of rest works well and balanced without any malfunctions, while the accumulation of fat is greater in the body 

that suffers from fatigue and did not take enough rest, as a result of the body’s inability to deal with Tension when feeling tired and a slowdown in the fat burning process, which helps in gaining weight, so you should pay attention to the need to rest and sleep for at least two hours.

Depression, anxiety and stress:

 Each of them is complementary with the other, and they negatively affect the psychological state of women. Constant anxiety and tension may lead to a sudden deterioration in a woman's health, which leads to slowing down the metabolism and 

he body's secretion of many substances that help in weight gain, such as: cortisone. Also, taking medications for depression may lead to significant weight gain; This is because these drugs increase the weight by approximately (5-15) kilograms.

Taking birth control pills:

 Contemporary studies have proven that taking contraceptive pills as a method of family planning and birth control permanently leads to some side effects, the most important of which is weight gain in women. 

Therefore, women should consult a doctor regarding the appropriate way to organize pregnancy and births and not get used to taking pills and medicines.

Skipping some meals during the day:

 Eating disorderly or neglecting some meals during the day will lead to an imbalance in the balanced and healthy nutrition program. Studies have shown that neglecting one of the meals, such as breakfast, will lead to you feeling more hungry in the next meal, such as lunch.

Having some diseases:

 Like thyroid disease, a deficiency in thyroid hormone will lead to a reduced metabolism, and cause loss of appetite and weight gain.


Where the sudden interruption of the menstrual cycle at a young age or when a woman reaches the menopause leads to many physical changes, as women feel depressed and lack of sleep in addition to an imbalance in the various hormones in the body, when estrogen decreases as a result of reaching menopause, this will lead to an increase The amount

 of fat stored in the body, especially in the abdominal area, which helps to increase the weight of women, and here it should be noted the importance of doing daily exercise, not only to get rid of excess weight and get rid of it or to tighten the body, but must continue to exercise in order to strengthen the bones and muscles of the body, Especially during this age stage in women's lives. 

Fast weight loss exercises for women

bike workout

It was called by this name because it is similar to the movement of switching on a bicycle, and the person lies on the ground on a flat surface, with the feet raised high and the hands

 intertwined under the head, then switching on the air as if he was riding a bicycle, then touching the joint of the right hand to the joint of the left leg in conjunction with the switch and vice versa And this exercise is practiced at a medium speed in continuous rounds.

ball exercise

 This exercise is done using a ball, where the person lies completely on a flat surface with the hands and feet extended straight as well, and holds the ball with both hands, then brings his hands while holding

the ball from his feet to put the ball between his feet, then the person returns to extend his body again flat on The ground, while still holding the ball between his feet, then returns again and delivers the ball from his feet to his hands, and so on.

Superman workout

 It is done by lying on the abdomen and lifting the body with the hands and feet as if it were doing a push-up exercise, but in this exercise the right hand and left foot are individualized on the ground to stabilize the body well, then the left hand and right foot are raised as far as possible and slowly, then Reflecting the exercise and so on.

Feet touch exercise

 This exercise is called by this name because the person through it lies on the ground and raises the feet and fixes them in the air at an angle of 90 degrees, then extends the right hand to touch the left foot, and so on.

Sky Sambo Exercise

 This exercise is necessary to burn the fat accumulated in the hips and thighs, and this exercise is done by sitting on a chair at home, with the need to maintain the straightness of the back and head and open

 the thighs at an obtuse angle, then alternate raising the hands up until they touch, then lowering them separately. Gradually, or it is possible to raise the hands while holding two pieces of dumbbells, that is, one piece in each hand, then gradually lower them and so on.

Bridge Pose

This exercise removes the fat in the shoulders, pelvis and thighs, and is performed by sleeping on the back on a flat surface, with the need to bend the knees inward and keep the heels on the ground, then bend 

the left knee on the right with pressure on the right knee, then grab a piece From the dumbbell by hand daily with moving it up and keeping the left hand on the ground to support the rest of the limbs, raising the knees up from the surface of the ground and then descending gradually to switch with the other knee and so on.


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